Day: May 4, 2012

Now That Rangers Are Saved (Redux)

We are delighted to announce today that 200% has received an unconditional bid for the Rangers opinion piece from Mr Mark Murphy which has been accepted and he is now the preferred author. Mr Murphy now proposes to complete his article by the end of this weekend. Mr Murphy’s proposal involves the use of a specially-created article and the retention of the initial reaction piece. The strident opinions he proposes to express will be sheltered in an article and returned to the initial piece once that has been “written.” He sees this route as a necessity rather than a choice and in our view this is an entirely workable strategy. Indeed, to ensure the continuing sound operation of Mr Murphy’s mind beyond the end of today, it is in our view a compelling strategy. Christ on a bike, where to start??? Well, whoever wrote the line in a recent Rangers Supporters Trust statement which said that the football authorities in Scotland were taking decisions “with the sole purpose of crippling Rangers” ought to be feeling pretty stupid after this midweek’s events. They won’t, of course, now that Rangers are saved. And you can bet they won’t be issuing a retraction, or thanking those football authorities for their work this week, especially Mr Neil Doncaster, the Scottish Premier League’s chief executive. Doncaster is the Scottish game’s equivalent of the EPL’s...

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Darlington FC: Saved, But At A Price

As has happened before in the recent history of the club, the battle to save Darlington FC went to the wire. Another deadline was hanging over the club this week with the a threat of liquidation waiting on the other side of it, but yesterday afternoon it was confirmed that the Darlington 1883 group, which has been battling to keep the club alive in this incarnation since the beginning to the year. The announcement also confirms that the club will be leaving The  Arena, the wholly unsuitable venue that is charged by many as being the single biggest reason behind the cycle of despair in which the club has found itself for much of the last ten years, but with a solid plan to move back to the town in just one year. Last weekend, Darlington waved goodbye to the Blue Square Premier with a win against the similarly stricken Kettering Town. Relegation had been confirmed long before this match took place, so there was no particular unpleasant surprise in this particular curtain call. Dropping from the Blue Square Premier had long been considered inevitable, and this was confirmed several weeks ago. The question of which division the club start next season in, however, is not yet known because of the nature of the agreement reached between the rescue group and the administrators. Darlington FC will be exiting administration without a...

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