Day: May 2, 2012

Was The Brotherhood Of Fans A Figment Of My Imagination After All?

Matt Johnson is a friendly fellow with, as you will shortly find out, awesome social skills. Lately, however, he has found himself wondering whether the football supporters that he approaches and talks to on trains share his enthusiasm for chewing the cud on the subject of the national game with people he’s never met before. Matt can be found on Twitter here. If you follow him, there’s a good chance that he will follow you back. And talk to you. “So who were your club playing today?” is a question that shouldn’t appear to present many problems to a football supporter. My awesome social skills have always led me towards this belief because in the past they have led to meeting very many pleasant football fans. I always suspected there was a fraternity of football fandom. A Brotherhood of Fans. You could see it in the way people looked, the way that they talked to each other and, occasionally the way that they glared at me, but I didn’t have the confidence to use my awesome, albeit embryonic, social skills to back up my suspicions. Since I gained the confidence to use my awesome social skills I have been able to see the “Brotherhood of Football Fans” with my own eyes. I finally saw the common act that linked us all; visiting football grounds. I finally felt part of the “Brotherhood”. For last...

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Premature Rejection: The Fourth Estate And Roy Hodgson

Once the announcement had been made, they acted with admirable speed. It took just two days from an announcement appearing on the Football Association’s website on Sunday afternoon for an interview to be held and, this afternoon, a press conference to follow confirming that Roy Hodgson is the new manager of the England national football team. This, however, is already a manager without a honeymoon period. The press started drawing their knives before the decision had even been formalised and, of course, long before a ball is kicked in his name by his team. This decision, it was clear, had already been made. The job was not going to the man that the football press wanted, and the man chosen above him now seems likely to reap the full force of their ire. Chief of the cheerleaders against him has been Martin Samuel of The Daily Mail. Samuel has managed no less than three articles of various states of caterwauling over the last forty-eight hours or so, a degree of saturation coverage which can only lead the reader towards perception that he may, perhaps, be taking all of this a little bit too personally. On Monday, he was complaining that – and it’s worth remembering before reading any of the following that the FA later confirmed that they hadn’t considered anyone else for the position at all – “Ensconced...

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