Day: May 1, 2012

Illustrated Essay: Tattoos in Professional Football

You have probably noticed that professional footballers these days all sport many, many tattoos. This is because they are young, they are in the public eye, they have a lot to say. And also because they’re paid a quarter of a million pounds a week and only work 3 hours a day. Twohundredpercent’s resident artist Little Dotmund has been analysing all the latest designs and trends and, luckily for you, now presents an illustrated guide to some of the best, both old and new. As always, we are sorry. Click for bigger You can find Dotmund on Twitter here. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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The Morning After The Night Before: Fall-Out From The Manchester Derby

If the Premier League excels at any one thing, then that thing must be spectacle of the type that we saw at the City of Manchester Stadium last night. The significance of this meeting between Manchester City and Manchester United – both literal and symbolic – could not have been lost upon anybody that cast so much as a cursory glance in the direction of the league table, and in the build up to the match the press began to run out of superlatives regarding its significance. It was a sense of expectation that the two sides could never hope to live up to, but Manchester City and Manchester United still contrived to offer up ninety minutes of the sort of tension and high drama that only the end of the domestic football season seems capable of offering. While the mathematics of evening were simple enough for a child to understand – City had to win to go back to the top of the table with two games left to play; anything else would most likely mean a twentieth league championship going to Old Trafford – the permutations for the rest of the season remain somewhat more opaque. Vincent Kompany’s goal thirty seconds into stoppage time at the end of the first half meant that Roberto Mancini achieved his goal for the evening, but this time around even hitting the top of the...

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