Day: April 19, 2012

Off The Ball, City – Norwich’s End Of Season PR Calamity

This, there can be little doubt, has been a miraculous season for Norwich City to the extent that there is an element to the narrative of the clubs last three seasons. In August 2009, they were adjusting to their first season in the bottom two divisions of the Football League with considerable difficulty. A seven-one defeat at the hands of Colchester United on the opening day of that season, a result which brought about the end of former goalkeeper Bryan Gunn’s time in charge of the club. City acted quickly and brought in Colchester’s manager Paul Lambert as his replacement. It’s not unreasonable to say that this appointment changed the fortunes of the club on a scale that would have seemed unimaginable at the time. Promotion to the Championship might have been expected, but a second successive promotion into the Premier League certainly wasn’t and a comfortable first season amongst the elite that will end in a mid-table finish has been even less so. Considering all of this, we should reasonably expect there to be a celebratory air around the end of this season, but a sudden flurry of bad publicity is threatening to cast something of a cloud over any celebrations. Chris Brown in a seventeen year old IT student who supports Norwich City. On Tuesday night, he was looking at the source code for the clubs official website...

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Doncaster Rovers’ Blip Cannot Mask A Miraculous Ten Years

It had been a long time coming and there will be those who believe that there was an air of inevitability about it, but when the relegation of Doncaster Rovers from the Championship last weekend, it came with a degree of controversy that only the end of the domestic football season can bring. The battle for Doncaster last weekend was already an uphill one – rooted to the bottom of the table, they needed to win all of their remaining matches in order to secure a fifth season of football in England’s second division, but a questionable red card and two goals in stoppage time meant that Portsmouth (who went into the match in an identical situation to them) managed to keep their season alive for another week while the home side fell through the trapdoor. Whilst Doncaster supporters were perhaps right to question the refereeing decisions that eventually sealed the clubs fate, though, there had been an air of inevitability hanging over this relegation for much of the season, and its final confirmation may also be a cloud with one silver lining – the end one of this season’s more questionable experiments in team management. The arrival of the agent Willie McKay at The Keepmoat Stadium as autumn turned to winter last year was, depending on your opinion, either an act of desperation from a club that already...

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