Day: April 11, 2012

Is Gorgeous George Making Eyes At Bradford City?

There are some things that politics and football have in common, not least of which is the feeling that, in order to survive and thrive at the top table, you need a big ego. It should probably come, therefore, as no great surprise to hear that the new Member of Parliament for Bradford West, George Galloway, has marked his first week as the elected representative for his new seat by making soothing noises in the direction of Bradford City Football Club and its supporters. Whether you agree with his politics or not, it is difficult to argue that Galloway’s win in this seat was not stunning. He managed to take the seat from the Labour party with a massive majority of over 10,000, a result which, somewhat ironically, may have been cheered as loudly at the headquarters of the Conservative party amongst his own supporters for the reputational damage that his victory did to Labour at a time of considerable difficulty for the coalition government. What, though, is a newly-elected Member of Parliament to do, once he is safely installed in office? Well, Galloway has big plans for some of the city’s more venerable landmarks, and Bradford City Football Club is amongst them. “I have big plans for Bradford City FC”, he told the press last weekend.”With my connections in the Arab world, I am actively speaking to and seeking out sovereign wealth...

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Alan Davies Shoots From The Hip & Ends Up With His Foot In His Mouth

We may never know which is the real Alan Davies: the apparently lovable jester who plays the dumb schoolboy to Stephen Fry’s headmaster on the television series QI, or the would be shock jock who has recently been appearing on the Arsenal podcast The Tuesday Club on a variety of different subjects of varying relevance to the club that he supports. It’s possible – perhaps likely, even – that both of these are little more than personae, which play to appreciative audiences in differing constituencies, but Davies has found, over the last forty-eight hours or so that, in football at least, the audience might not necessarily be who you were expecting it to be and that throwing caution to the wind with your comments might have unforeseen ramifications. Davies’ comments about Liverpool’s reticence to play their FA Cup semi-final against Everton on the fifteenth of April – the twenty-third anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster – are difficult to get to the bottom of, by no means at least because his club isn’t even troubled by this stage of the competition this year. Quite why an Arsenal supporter should be concerned about the scheduling of a competition which doesn’t involve his club and isn’t even having a knock-on effect upon his club may remain unknown. What we know for certain is that his attempts to apologise (or back-track, depending on your perception)...

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