Day: April 2, 2012

Mungo S04E08

Mungo time again. And the season is reaching its end. But could this be the end of Mungo as we know it? It certainly could be unless he develops the ability to respirate anaerobically like botulism, as a series of unfortunate accidents and sexual encounters with electronic equipment leave the Premier League’s mission to the moon in mortal peril. Can Mungo save the day, as it is his wont to do? And will the altruists and philanthropists at the Premier League leave the milk of human kindness to one side for just a moment and try and exploit this...

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Graham Westley Discovers That Attitude May Be Just As Important As Ability

Defeat on Saturday at Sheffield Wednesday confirmed what most that have been watching them play all season had been long suspecting: that hopes of a swift return to the Championship at the end of this season were little more than pie in the sky, but that the possibility of a second successive relegation still looms, distant yet ominous on the horizon. The manner of the teams defeat, coupled with the post-match comments of manager Graham Westley and rumours of what may have happened prior to the match will have left the clubs supporters will a feeling of foreboding that a new set of problems is set to manifest itself at a club that has had a bumpy ride over the last couple of years or so.   This season was supposed to be one of regeneration for the club, following the sweet kiss of relegation at the end of last season. Yet in a competitive division, Preston North End has found that relegation of itself doesn’t necessarily bring the clean sweep required to revive its fortunes. That was supposed to come with the arrival of a new manager, Graham Westley from Stevenage, yet for all of Westleys achievements in getting that club from the Blue Square Premier to League One whilst seeing of Newcastle United in the FA Cup for good measure, he seems to have been unable to...

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