Day: March 27, 2012

Tom Davis: The Career Of A Blue Square South Journeyman

Some people find their way in the world as a jack of all trades, spending their talents over a range of different tasks. Others, meanwhile, discover that they can do one thing, but do it very well. Midfielder Tom Davis didn’t quite make the grade as a Premier League professional and he has also tried other divisions, but like a compass pointing involuntarily north, he always seems to find his way back to the division that he has called home for the lions share of his career: the Blue Square Bet South. There are, of course, plenty of other players that have made this particular division their home since its introduction eight years ago, but none have done it with quite the level of success that Davis has managed. The midfielder started his career in the youth set-up at Fulham, but since dropping down into the non-league game has played in no less than three teams that have been promoted from this division, with a potential fourth being on the cards this season following his signing on loan by the manager of the current league leaders, Woking. The Surrey club had been sailing off into the distance at the top of the table but – in spite of a defeat against struggling Eastbourne Borough last weekend – they have since his arrival at Kingsfield started to improve again after...

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Think Before You Drink Before You Tweet

The morning after Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch at White Hart Lane during the FA Cup match between Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton Wanderers, we noted on the subject of one individual that had been arrested with regard to comments made on the social networking website Twitter that, “Should he end up kicked out of university and with a criminal record at a time of record high youth unemployment, it is unlikely that he will get much sympathy from anywhere.” Well, Liam Stacey found out the implications of his behaviour that evening, with a fifty-six day custodial sentence for incitement to racial hatred. It should go without saying that no-one in their right mind would approve of Staceys behaviour that evening but, with the media being the media, wires are already being crossed with regard to what Stacey is actually finding himself at her majesty’s pleasure for. The inclination of the press to join narratives (and Twitter plus racism plus Fabrice Muamba may well be some sort of tabloid fruit machine jackpot) means that it may be a common assumption that Stacey has been imprisoned for what he say about Muamba, a theory that seems borne out out by the judge’s comments that, “It was racist abuse via a social networking site instigated as a result of a vile and abhorrent comment about a young footballer who was fighting...

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