Day: February 27, 2012

The Continuing Adventures Of Chairman Eddie Of Bournemouth

For most of us, the idea of drinking alcohol whilst at work would be to stretch the imagination just a little too far. The days of long, boozy lunches in the pub and afternoons spent trying desperately to stay awake are very much a thing of the past, and our productivity is, if we are honest with ourselves, all the better for it. For those that own the means of production, however, there often seems to be a different set of rules. Those that own a company have the licence – subject to any waves of bad publicity that may come with such behaviour – to do as they please, and the extent to which status is used as a fig leaf for pretty disgraceful behaviour remains higher than it ever should do in anything approaching a civilised country. All of which brings us back to Eddie Mitchell, the chairman of AFC Bournemouth, who has found himself back in the headlines following further eccentric behaviour during his club’s home match against Milton Keynes Dons. At half-time during this match – with his side already trailing by a single goal – that the wife of the Russian co-owner Maxim Demin was allowed to give part of the half-time team talk to the players. After the match – which ended, perhaps unsurprisingly, in a defeat thanks to that first half goal – Mitchell was...

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Mungo S04E07

With our ultimate hero Mungo McCrackas now in space ready and waiting to take part in the first ever extraterrestrial Premier League match, the powers that be have thoughtfully provided him with some teammates. A heady mix of grit, artistry, wisdom and a keen understanding of the laws of physics ensue. Will Mungo manage to integrate into this new squad? And will we finally discover definitively whether or not some of The Greatest League On Earth™’s best talent really could start a fight in a vacuum? All will be revealed, plus pies. David Squires drew this with his own...

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The Monday Morning Timewaster Project

So, it’s Monday morning  and the thought of sitting at your desk and staring out of the window for another five days is getting on top of you, right? Well, we have something that might just kill the best part of this morning, at least. We’ve got six of the best links – something to read, some pictures to peruse and even a video – for you this morning, to help you idle away your morning. Just don’t let your boss catch you, or there’ll be hell to pay. If you have any suggestions for this feature, feel free to drop us a line using the Contact page, which is linked at the top of this page. – There is, of course, no peccadillo in football that is too slight to have a website devoted to it, and those amongst us who love this periphery will squeal with delight at Floodlight Fancy, which is no more than pictures of floodlights. – If you’re looking for a football match to visit in London but don’t know where to start, things can start to get quite difficult. Fortunately, you can always look up  The London Football Guide and find out exactly who is playing and where. Regularly updated and with its own Twitter account, this is an essential site for anybody in London at a loose end on a Saturday afternoon....

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