Day: February 9, 2012

Kettering Town: Behind Closed Doors – Is The End Drawing Near?

It has, as many of you will already be aware, been a long few months for the supporters of Kettering Town Football Club. During this period, their club has been uprooted to the former home of their defunct former local rivals, they have been promised the earth and have seen only the delivery of unpaid bills and an uphill battle to avoid relegation from the Blue Square Bet Premier. Amid the accusations, counter-accusations and recriminations that have accompanied this story, however, there has, perhaps, been no single, defining moment to draw our attention to their plight, and still less has there been a moment which can only make the casual observer stop and think, “Wow, I really did not see that coming.” Not any more. A message posted to on the website of the Northamptonshire Police earlier today set the clubs recent problems into the starkest possible terms. Due to the non-payment of policing bills so far this season, the police have been forced to declare that this weekends league match against AFC Telford United will have to be played behind closed doors. It is a situation that is, to the best recall of memory, unprecedented in the recent run of smaller clubs finding themselves in serious financial difficulty, and it can only be regarded as an absolute, utter humiliation for those that have managed to run this one...

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Fabio Capello Was The Least Of England’s Intractable Problems

Welcome to English football in 2012. The captain of the national team faces a criminal charge for the use of racially aggravated abuse during a Premier League match. Five months after the event, the FA announce that this player will be stripped of the captaincy without, it would appear, having consulted the manager.¬†Four months before the start of a major tournament, the manager resigns on the same that the man expected to replace him is acquitted in court of tax evasion charges. Captainless, managerless and rudderless, the good ship England will sail on to the finals of the European Championships having proved the one fundamental truth that we all know about the state of the game in this country at the moment – if there is a way of taking a situation and making it worse, we will, somehow, find it. The screamingly obvious question to come from last night’s resignation of Fabio Capello from the England manager’s position us that of whether anybody within the FA actually knew anything about Capello when they appointed him in the first place or listened to anything that he said during his tenure. If there is one thing, one thing alone, that we all knew about Capello when he took the job is that he is a disciplinarian and an authoritarian. It is emphatically not a comment on the rights or wrongs...

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