Day: February 8, 2012

Capello Out – Enter The Barwick-O-Tron (Again)

So, Fabio Capello quits as the England national coach. This is, perhaps, unsurprising considering the dog’s abuse that he has taken while leading the national team through an almost flawless qualification campaign, before finding that the decision over who would take the England captain’s arm-band was taken away from him without consultation. It may be some time before we find out exactly what was said at this afternoon’s meeting between Capello and the FA chairman David Bernstein from the FA itself, but Capello might not be so tight-lipped – it has  it already been reported that Capello has this evening told the press that, “The England FA really insulted me and damaged my authority.” The FA’s statement on the subject is, perhaps predictably, giving little away on the subject in its official statement on the matter, other than that his resignation was tendered and accepted. The whys and wherefores, however, are probably for another day. The effect remains the same. Yet again, the England manager’s seat is empty and the FA look s little foolish, even if they were acting with the best of intentions over the John Terry matter. With this, the fevered speculation begins again. Harry Redknapp, who was acquitted of tax evasion charges earlier today, will doubtlessly be the bookmakers’ favourite for the job, but nothing is decided yet and the FA may choose to put a...

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An Englishman In A Small Town: Paul Grech Meets Ben Perry Acton

We have something a little different for you today on Twohundredpercent, as Paul Grech meets Ben Perry Acton, a player that forsook the English game to pursue a career in Malta. In addition to this, Ben had a grandfather whose name will be more than familiar to the supporters of Blackpool and Bolton Wanderers – Bill Perry, who scored the winning goal in The Matthews FA Cup Final match between the two clubs in 1953. This article was originally scheduled to appear on Les Rosbifs, but the site’s owner yesterday confirmed that he is to close the site. We will take the opportunity to wish Gavin all the best for the future and thank him for maintaining such an excellent site over the last few years. Gharghur is very much a typical Maltese town, with a multitude of narrow winding lanes all leading to a main square that is dominated by a huge church. Although the setting is unique and spectacular – built as it is into a disused quarry – Gharghur is also typical in that it now boasts one of the synthetic pitches that thanks to UEFA’s and FIFA’s money are replacing gravel ones all across the island. It is at the clubhouse adjacent to this pitch that I meet Ben Perry Acton as he and some of his Gharghur FC teamates pass the time before training kicks off...

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