Day: January 26, 2012

Mungo S04E06

It is time for this month’s visit to Primrose Hill Ramblers to catch up with Mungo McCrackas. Or rather, it would be, but he’s not there. Having been saved from a certain death at the hands of a CIA firing squad by the intervention of the powers-that-be at the Premier League, Mungo is finally on the cusp of fulfilling his potential. Could it be that Mungo will be the saviour of football? Could it be that Game 39 is a good idea? And does it have to be held terrestrially? All of these questions and more will be asked,...

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The African Cup Of Nations Springs To Life

Sometimes it is so, so nice to be so, so wrong. Spain’s 4-3 win over Yugoslavia in Euro 2000 was memorably described at the time has “having everything except full-frontal nudity.” Given Equatorial Guinea’s celebration of their astounding 2-1 win over Senegal in the ACN last night, I expect we had that as well. A tearful winning goalscorer David “Kily” Alvarez Aguirre (told you this lot were cosmopolitan) got halfway there before realising there was still a minute left after his 25-yard thunderbolt (“which would still be travelling if there wasn’t a net” – Piers Edwards, BBC website) “won” the game. And, at the time of writing, we await an explanation for mercurial centre-half Laurence Doe’s dismissal in the post-coital chaos. So maybe he did strip to the bare essentials.  Still, whatever the reason for his dismissal, it gave us another iconic image to add to the 94 already served up by stoppage time, as he sat, uncontrollably shaking in celebration, like a toddler who’d just discovered the joys of potty-training, at the entrance to the players’ tunnel when the final whistle eventually sounded. It brought to mind Luis Suarez’s celebration of Ghana’s late penalty miss at the 2010 World Cup, after he had been dismissed for the goal-line handball which denied the Black Stars a semi-final place. But the reaction of neutrals to these two similar images could surely...

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