Day: January 17, 2012

High Noon For Darlington

At the end of yesterday, Darlington FC remained alive albeit on life support. Today, however, stories started to emerge which threaten to fragment an increasingly fractious fan-base as the matter of this club’s survival draws closer and closer to its denouement. ┬áThere have been words of encouragement and support funds and fury from many supporters that a situation such as this should be allowed to happen to the same club yet again but, at the time of writing, we are still nowhere near knowing whether the club will saved or, if it will, who by. The first task that any new owner would have to face would be rounding up the players and management that were released by the clubs administrators at the end of yesterday. Manager Craig Liddle and his players were released from their contracts by the administrators, most likely because the administrators themselves would have had to start taking responsibility for their wages in the near future. This, of course, can only throw the club’s match against title-chasing Fleetwood Town on Saturday into some degree of doubt. How many of those players will find somewhere else to play over the next day or two? What sort of team will Darlington be able to put out on Saturday afternoon? Right now, no-one has anything like a definitive answer to these questions. Such considerations were put into the...

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DC United: But For How Long?

Stadiums function a great deal like shoes. Wear a pair for too long and the shoelaces begin to fray, the outer sole wears thin, and the inner sole starts to emit a smell generally acceptable at the bottom of a rubbish bin. Change them out for new shoes that fit too snug, and walking around becomes a right pain in the heel with ingrown toenails forming from the compression. Pick out a pair too large and you find yourself wobbly on the feet, liable to trip over at any attempt to move forward with your feet swimming within the vast space and most likely falling backwards until those shoes come off for pair that fits. It matters not as to your relative means, the price of the shoes, or whether you are big or small; if the shoes are ill-fitting, they do not permit you to perform to your best relative to your goals. While English football watches this unfold near the close in the case of Darlington FC, football fans in the United States are at intermission of a similar-looking affair transpiring in their nation’s capital, but with a rather different check and balance that will prevent such a possible demise. While many European observers of Major League Soccer today might consider Los Angeles or Red Bull NY the preeminent clubs due to the media attention paid to...

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