Day: January 16, 2012

Truro vs The Taxman: A Happy Ending?

Shortly before 12.30pm today @TruroCityTweet declared ‘ALL CLEAR FOR CITY -TAX BILL PAID IN FULL’ (their capitals not mine but worthy of shouting nonetheless) and it seemed in light of the current cloud of doom hanging over parts of non-league that the sun has broken through over Cornwall at least. That Truro, subject of a winding up order way back in September, have found the money to pay HMRC in full (and it is rumoured this was a fair wedge, a six-figure sum and certainly not the amount you find knocking about down the back of the sofa) is a positive sign that the southern-most club at Step 2 is starting to move in the right direction. It went down to the wire though, two hours before a winding up hearing was due at the High Court the club informed HMRC that the debt had been paid in full. The winding up hearing will now be dismissed at the end of the month providing the payment goes through and HMRC are satisfied. Buoyant chairman Kevin Heaney told This Is Cornwall it was time to put the financial problems behind the club and move on. He said: “So from now on it is business as usual, with team strengthening and our continued commitment to the Stadium for Cornwall project.  We will now be seeking to have the League’s transfer embargo...

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For How Much Longer Can Kettering Town Continue Like This?

While Darlington have grabbed most of the recent headlines in the race to the financial bottom that the bottom of the Blue Square Premier seems to consist of this season, Kettering Town remains in a critical condition itself.  On Saturday, their home match against Forest Green Rovers was called off at lunchtime, which is unlikely to have done the stricken clubs bank account a great deal of good, and this morning the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph, a local newspaper which has been criticised by some supporters as being too ready in the past to toe the Ladak party line, also stepped off the fence to deliver its viewpoint of the recent difficulties that the club has faced. The article, entitled “Time Is Almost Up So Do The Right Thing And Move Aside”, is unlikely to make comfortable reading for Imraan Ladak, the increasingly discredited and embattled owner of the club. It asks the question of, “why would Ladak want to remain in a mess that so many are blaming him for?”, and states that, “Imraan Ladak’s time would appear to be up”, drawing particular attention to the £3,000 that the club still owes to Essex Senior League club Southend Manor for gate receipts from their FA Cup match at Nene Park at the end of October. There can be no questioning the importance that this amount of money would have for a club...

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