Day: December 31, 2011

Match Of The Week: Manchester United 2-3 Blackburn Rovers

The Premier League title race, we have been told repeatedly over the last couple of weeks or so, is back on. Since getting knocked out of the Champions League by FC Basel, Manchester United have started to rediscover some of their familiar imperiousness, with sixteen goals in their last four Premier League matches – including five in two successive matches – while Manchester City have, with a defeat at Chelsea and a lacklustre draw at West Bromwich Albion, shown signs of chink in their previously impenetrable-looking armour. On top of this, Alex Ferguson (who gave himself three more years in the manager’s job at the club three years ago) confirmed that he intends to stay in charge at the club for a further three years this morning, and it’s also his seventieth birthday today. Today’s match, against the Premier League’s bottom club, should have something of a party atmosphere about it for Manchester United. Something, however, doesn’t feel right today. The atmosphere at Old Trafford is muted, rather as if no-one particularly wants to be there. It would certainly be understandable if the Blackburn manager Steve Kean didn’t want to be. He remains persona non grata for a proportion of Blackburn’s support, a feeling that has scarcely been diluted by his team’s recent draw at Anfield. They remain anchored to the bottom of the Premier League and, as those...

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Mungo S04E05

Mungo McCrackas has been in some scrapes before but now he’s wanted by the US government for accidentally assailing the Commander-in-Chief’s pods. It’s only a matter of time before they bring their huge resources and intelligence to bear and flush him out into the open. However, as we all know, football is more important than life itself and the FA are trying to get to him first. One way or the other he’s going to end up selling something to somebody and that can only be good news for the economy. I’m backing Britain. Mungo is by David Squires....

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