Day: December 5, 2011

Euro 2012 Draw In ‘Not That Dull’ Shock

Is Group C of the Euro 2012 finals – Croatia, Italy, Ireland and Spain – the most catholic group in international football tournament finals history? That thought occurred with the fourth team in two of next summer’s groups still to be drawn out and Italy’s and England’s balls still to be opened.

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The Changing Fortunes Of Cheltenham Town

A plum FA Cup tie away at Tottenham Hotspur, an unbeaten run away from home
and whispers of a promotion push – when did all start going so right
 for Cheltenham Town? From the dark months of the Martin Allen era which saw the manager
 leave under a cloud after unproven accusations of racism levelled at him by a nightclub bouncer and a precarious escape from the drop zone the Robins (or the Rubies are they are known this season due to their special 125th anniversary kit) have had a remarkable change in fortunes both on and off the pitch. Where a couple of seasons ago the Robins were in the red, struggling financially, worrying about the ground and the future and recording losses of £826,898 (in 2009) they are now in a position where chairman Paul Baker was able to report that the club should record a small profit in the next year – a week before they were awarded the FA Cup pay-day against Spurs. With the club’s all time record of eight wins away from home on the trot recently matched and nestled comfortably in third place in League 2 it all seems to be going right for Cheltenham Town. So how has a club which was precariously close to administration developed a golden touch in such short space of time? It’s not all down to luck – prudent signings, canny deals and...

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Mungo S04E04

Our hero Mungo McCrackas is finding it hard settling into his new club, Primrose Hill Ramblers. Not least because their gimlet-eyed chairman has realised he has a number of unfortunate shortcomings as a footballer. This is a new experience for Mungo, as it’s normally only supporters, journalists and teammates who pick up on his weaknesses. However, he’s not a quitter, in spite of the fact that being one would almost probably be a good idea in his case. Can he finally make a big impact on the world stage? The answer is revealed in the latest episode, produced once...

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