Day: November 15, 2011

Words of Worthlessness: Football’s Perpetual White Noise

Words have become rather a hot commodity in football of late, both the spoken word from those participating in and the written word of those observing and opining on this rather silly game where the players can’t even use their hands. Whether it has been alleged racist taunts by individual players or the complex matter of who pays what and where for the consumption of content surrounding football, words have done some damage over the past few weeks. John Terry can’t get a Ferdinand brother to say hello to him anymore – if either Rio or Anton had wanted to in the first place is a separate matter – while Luis Suarez might avoid ever having to buy Patrice Evra a café au lait as his French is a bit rustier than his Spanish slang. Those who provide content on such stories remain conflicted on the value attributed to stories on matters such as these at a time when the written word might be at its most voluminous and thus less valuable than when Johanes Gutenberg printed a book. Why has football become such a serious business? To be fair, perhaps we have always been this serious about the game but are still struggling to grasp the environment in which it is now conducted. Professional players like Terry, Suarez, or any other who has been accused of saying exactly the...

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Why Welsh Supporters Are Saying No To Team GB

Wales continued their recent run of impressive results with an emphatic four-one win over Norway at the Cardiff City Stadium. Goals from Gareth Bale, Craig Bellamy and Sam Vokes earned Wales their fourth win in five games. Whilst the team on the pitch overran their Scandinavian visitors, though, the fans in the ground were largely otherwise occupied, trying to make a stand against Team GB. In recent weeks we’ve seen both Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey pose in the supporter’s kit for Team GB. The reasons why two Welsh players were chosen to exhibit the kit may be imprudent at best and politically motivated at worst. Both players have made their intentions to represent Team GB known and although only Ramsey has made it clear that Wales is his priority, I’m sure Bale feels the same way. The Football Association of Wales has consistently opposed the formation of a Team GB, whilst manager Gary Speed has voiced his concerns regarding the use of his players for a tournament mere weeks before the start of a qualifying campaign. On the face it, a British team competing in the Olympics seems harmless, how serious of a threat can there be to the Welsh national side? In years gone by, there has been a British team competing at Olympic football, as with most Olympic sports the team was made up of amateur...

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