Day: November 2, 2011

Voices Of Football: James Alexander Gordon – Poetry From The Classified Results

In the twenty-first century, few things are sacred. For many football supporters, traditions are being ripped up at such a dizzying pace that it can feel impossible to keep up with what is current. In some corners of the culture of the game, though, traditions are kept alive and one of the most enduring is that, at five o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, the BBC will cut away to a supremely jaunty piece of military music called “Out Of The Blue”, which will be overlaid by some brief headlines and the classified results. It’s a tradition that has been played out, remarkably, since 1948, and it is an institution that has – so far, at least – largely remained intact. It is the weekly tradition of the BBC’s flagship post-match Saturday afternoon service, Sports Report. Sports Report has been trimmed by Saturday evening kick-offs to such an extent that it sometimes feels as if it might not be there, but the classified results remain unflappably essential. Whether at home with a steaming mug of cocoa or having jumped into a car having been at the match, they remain the high water mark of pure football objectivity. They may make you laugh. They make you cry. They may send you straight to seventh heaven or send you directly to a very dark place indeed, sentencing you to a weekend of...

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Kleanthous & Barnet FC vs The Local Council

As┬áthe crowd of just over 1,700 filed out of Underhill after a six-three home defeat at the hands of Burton Albion last weekend, supporters of Barnet Football Club had little option but to face up to the prospect of another difficult season in League Two again this year. The club is in second from bottom place in the Football League with only Plymouth Argyle below them, and with Plymouth now having finally exited administration and Barnet having lost seven of their last eight matches, a club which has maintained its League Two status by the skin of its teeth for the last couple of seasons will be looking nervously at the trapdoor which is threatening to open up below it again. It is perhaps unsurprising that the grumbling of the support in the direction of manager Lawrie Sanchez has become louder over the last few weeks as his team has continued to struggle, but Barnet don’t only face issues on the pitch. This year has seen a souring of the club’s already fractious relationship with its local┬ácouncil to the point of breaking, with recent public statements from the club’s chairman, Tony Kleanthous, effectively accusing the London Borough of Barnet council of no longer wanting the football club on its doorstep. Barnet have played at Underhill since 1907 but in recent years their ground, which sits adjacent to green belt...

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