Day: October 27, 2011

Second Time Lucky: A New Home For FC United Of Manchester, This Time?

This time. Perhaps this time. FC United of Manchester have been once bitten and can certainly be forgiven for being twice shy over their planning application for a new ground of their own, to be built in the Moston area of the city. Their previous attempt to do exactly this in Newton Heath ended in failure after government cuts slashed their hopes, but this time there should be no such concerns. This afternoon, Manchester City Council approved their planning application for the new ground, which will also house a community centre and training facilities, and the well of hope amongst their support base, which had been tempered by their previous disappointment, can begin to hope again. In the attempt to build a football ground near a residential area, the club ran into vocal opposition, which was represented at this afternoon’s meeting. Attempts to reach out to this group failed and it was rumoured that the “no” group had been using tactics to secure signatures for a petition which may have been considered underhand. If true, this was probably a mistake on the part of the campaigners to adopt this tactic. It certainly gave the impression of a group willing to descend to whatever level they could in order to win this debate on points rather than relying of depending on the merits of their case. As things turned out,...

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CPO Say No To Chelsea

On the train home from Liverpool last night after their League Cup win at Everton, Chelsea supporters could have been forgiven having something on their minds. For today, considerations regarding the Champions League, the Premier League, the League Cup and even the investigation into comments which may or may not have been made by John Terry last weekend took a back step this afternoon in preference to a vote that would surely have had significant ramifications for the future  of their club. The vote was, of course, on the subject of the attempt by Chelsea FC to buy out the ownership of Stamford Bridge by the Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO). CPO was set up in the early 1990s with a view to ensuring that the ground ownership crises of the 1980s, when the club was almost left homeless after Stamford Bridge was purchased by a property development company, would never be repeated. Certain privileges were bestowed upon CPO at that point, including that including that Stamford Bridge cannot be used for non-footballing purposes and that the name of Chelsea Football Club cannot be used away from Stamford Bridge without their blessing. Today saw the EGM to vote upon a resolution which would have ended this arrangement and allowed the current owners of the club to relocate it to a place of their  choosing. There were sweeteners in place for members...

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Subbuteo, Manchester United & Me

I just bought an A4 print of a 1992-1994 Manchester United home kit Subbuteo player. I’m not a massive fan of Subbuteo, but there’s something about the aesthetic of it all that pleases me on a very base level. So much so that having ordered the print I had to stop myself from going to Ebay and buying numerous teams decked out in classic United kits. I’ve not played Subbuteo since the terrible giant cat stadium disaster of 1993, when my grey tabby Gorbachov (that the ten year old me saw fit to name his cat after the then leader of the Soviet Union probably says more about my childhood than any other single incident) stormed the pitch, knocking over two stands in the process, before eating Bryan Robson and sending a generic Portsmouth/Dundee player flying under the table with one bat of his mighty paw. It had to be Bryan Robson, didn’t it? He was already an easily identifiable target as I had previously trod on him, snapping his tiny fragile plastic legs in half, leaving him bound ungracefully in sticky tape to stop him falling over. I bought some shirt number decals and gave my injured captain the number seven shirt. Sadly I got the number four decal stuck deep under my fingernail during attempted application, causing both the introduction of squad numbers to the Subbuteo world, as...

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