Day: October 26, 2011

A Phoenix With Trimmed Wings: Farnborough FC’s New Reality

The fifteenth of May must have felt like a long time ago for the supporters of Farnborough FC on Tuesday night. On that particular day, Farnborough stood at the cusp of a place in the Blue Square Premier. Having finished in second place in the Blue Square South behind champions Braintree Town, they started their play-off final with home advantage and as the favourites to beat Ebbsfleet United. Their visitors, however, hadn’t been reading this particular version of the script, won the match by four goals to two and Farnborough FC has given the distinct feeling of being in a downward spiral ever since. If we fast forward to Tuesday night, the reality of the club’s current position was thrust into the national spotlight in the harshest possible way. As if a lengthy midweek trip from Hampshire to Cornwall wasn’t enough of an endurance test in itself, the half-time scoreline giving a seven-one lead to Truro City surely only compounded the agony during what has been a difficult season for the club so far. The team rallied in the second half, but the final score saw them surrender by eight goals to two. One can only imagine how the long journey back from that match must have felt. The result left Farnborough in nineteenth place in the Blue Square South table, just three points above the relegation places. But...

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An Alternative View on the Media Bans

Football clubs and the media covering them live together as slightly estranged bedfellows, desirous of one another’s company but at times cold or distant when the other’s been bad in the sack. Quite often it is the club in some capacity turning away, demanding the media pick up the blanket off the end of the bed and to go sleep on the couch for the night. In this respect the BBC are well accustomed to this uncomfortable part of the relationship after having spent seven years making a dent in the sofa cushions outside Sir Alex Ferguson’s bedroom, but the current falling out with Glasgow Rangers and their owner Craig Whyte finds the organisation in a rather different situation. Coupled with the recent decision by Heart of Midlothian to turn a cold shoulder to all media until after the Scottish FA’s compliance hearing with manager Paolo Sergio and questions arise as to whether these are isolated responses to the two clubs having individually bad news days or if there is something more going on than the headache excuse. Much has been made of Whyte’s banning of official and even unofficial discourse with the BBC based on two specific incidents in addition to its ongoing coverage of the Old Firm side. The first sign of a frosty relationship between Rangers and the Beeb happened before a ball was even kicked...

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Mungo S04E03

It’s something of a cause for celebration at Twohundredpercent Towers today as today’s Mungo is the 100th edition of the strip. But as ever, Mungo’s days are beginning to look numbered as the Primrose Hill Ramblers chairman has what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity. The world’s most lethal striker could have just 45 minutes to repair a reputation its taken him decades to earn. David Squires is the man with the plan. Click for bigger David Squires’ site is here, or you can follow him on Twitter here. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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