Day: October 18, 2011

Voices Of Football: Peter Jones – The BBC’s Voice Of Football

If football has changed almost over the last twenty or thirty years or so, one of the more comforting ways to reach back into the past is to delve into the all too rare BBC radio commentaries of matches from days gone by, and in particular to locate the lush, almost melodic vocal range of Peter Jones. Over a period from 1966 from his sadly premature death in 1990, Jones became the BBC’s voice of football in a way that perhaps not even the corporation’s senior television commentary team could. Blessed with a turn of phrase that could paint a full watercolour for the listening audience in just a few words and a sense of theatre that could turn the dullest of matches into an event, Jones was a truly distinctive voice, of the old school of received pronunciation but timeless in terms of his style and authority. That his introduction to the BBC should have come about thanks to a fortuitous meeting was something that the corporation’s sports department would have cause to feel grateful for over a period that would last almost a quarter of a century. A chance meeting in 1966 with the BBC’s senior radio commentator at the time, Maurice Edelston, led to the beginning of a career that would take in many of the great sporting events of the time. He commentated on every FA Cup final...

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Plymouth’s Administration: More Questions Than Answers

It is never helpful if, while writing about a situation, one of its main protagonists pipes up just before the proof-reading stage to issue a statement claiming the equivalent of “the earth is flat, the moon is made of cheese, and I’m taking my ball home if anyone argues.” So it was that Mark Murphy’s latest summary of the latest events at Plymouth Argyle was a bit rushed and disjointed. This is what he meant to say: When prospective Plymouth Argyle owner James Brent told fans at last month’s ‘Fans United’ day that “until we (buy Argyle) there’s always going to be that bit of risk”, surely even he didn’t think things would be like… this. Unless someone said: “I’ll pay the debts… and here’s £10m on top,” there were always going to be takeover issues which took time to resolve, even in a takeover as long-anticipated and popular/populist as Brent’s. But Brent has inspired an alliance of the disaffected in recent weeks; from avaricious administrators to curmudgeonly council tax payers, with even Argyle’s staff, who will be paid at last, not universally happy about just how “last.” As everyone acknowledges (except certain ‘P&A Partners’ seemingly), four months of negotiating with preferred bidder ‘Bishop International Limited’ were a waste of time and money. Kevin Heaney claimed financial wherewithal which even a Greek government fiddling Eurozone membership would have rejected...

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