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Day: October 16, 2011

Non-League Videos Of The Week: The FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round

We have two posts making up our non-league videos of the week for this week, kicking off with three matches from the Third Qualifying Round of this year’s FA Cup. The clubs taking this part in this round of the competition will take their place against those of the Blue Square Premier in its final qualifying round, and should they win this match they will be have a chance of a live television appearance and the sort of prize money which can make a serious difference to the well-being of a non-league club. First up is the match between Lowestoft Town and Chelmsford City. Chelmsford are a division above Lowestoft Town of the Ryman League Premier Division, in ninth place in the Blue Square South, but Lowestoft are in second place in the table and have two games in hand on the league leaders, AFC Hornchurch and a crowd of 1,065 turned out at their Crown Meadow ground.   Our second match is between Cray Wanderers and Dartford. Cray Wanderers are another club from the Premier Division of the Ryman League, but they are a club with a unique place in the history of football as London’s oldest association football club. They currently play their home matches at Bromley while they await a move into a new ground in nearby Orpington. Dartford, meanwhile, are in third place in the...

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Match Of The Week: Altrincham 3-2 Vauxhall Motors

Well, I’ve been absent from twohundredpercent for a while due to work commitments, but having finally got some time off, and with half the family off enjoying themselves in New Zealand, my dad and I decided to do what any self-respcting twohundredpercenter would – we decided to head south and take in some non-league football.Not just any non-league football, mind you. Over the next ten days or so we’re taking the opportunity to revist some old haunts – starting with this trip to Moss Lane. It was a fine afternoon and in its own right a thoroughly entertaining game between two teams who couldn’t be faulted for commitment – we had a few goals, a penalty, a red card, plenty of huff and puff, occasionally a bit of aggro, and all topped off with a last minute winner for the home side. But let’s be honest – decent game though it was, I wasn’t really here to watch Kevin Holsgrove and Shaun Densmore. I was here to rekindle memories of the late 70s, and especially that afternoon in December 1977 when Moss Lane was the venue for my first ever live match – a 5-1 win over Workington. That was an Altrincham team just coming into its heyday, the team of Johnson and Rogers, King and Heathcote, the team that would rule the non-league world and regularly put league...

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One Of Football’s Final Taboos, And Why We Should Be Grateful For The Shock That We Feel

The taboos of society can be fascinating to watch from the outside, and over the last forty or fifty years they have come to shift at such a pace that it is difficult to keep up with what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t. Just as football mirror society in many respects, football has a habit of adopting the norms of society and, no matter what changes in the world around us, some types of behaviour remain off-limits in a way that makes their occasional incidences seem almost unbelievably shocking. So it was at yesterday’s Southern League Premier Division match between Redditch United and Chesham United. Yesterday afternoon at Redditch, however, fighting for three points took on an obviously unacceptably literal edge. Redditch United and Chesham United were seven minutes into the second half of their match yesterday when the national incident occurred that would propel the match into the national consciousness. Chesham were leading by a single, first half goal when Redditch’s Josh McKenzie conceded a penalty, and in the subsequent dispute McKenzie was reported to have “hit” the referee, resulting in him falling to the ground. McKenzie was, of course, dismissed and was subsequently arrested (he was released later last night with a caution), while the match was, perhaps understandably, abandoned. After the match, Redditch United acted with commendable efficiency in making their stance on such behaviour...

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Liverpool & Manchester United Reach Stalemate, For Now

Nature abhors a vacuum, and in the absence of anything season-defining coming from yesterday’s match between Liverpool and Manchester United, the post-match speculation has largely centred upon claims made by Patrice Evra in the direction of Luis Suarez to a French television station after the match. Any meeting between these two clubs becomes, in the manner of the gravitational pull of a planet, a magnet for speculation, rumour, counter-rumour and, inevitably, abuse that covers every colour of the spectrum. The lunchtime kick-off awarded to the match by its live television coverage also gave supporters of the club the whole of the afternoon and the evening to entrench their opinions, and by this morning they had solidified completely, to the extent that it now seems unlikely that we will ever get to exact bottom of what happened between Evra and Suarez at Anfield. The build-up to the match was as hyperbolic as ever, and was given an added frisson of tension by the comments of Liverpool’s Managing Director Ian Ayre regarding the collective bargaining for television rights during the week. Manchester United, perhaps sensing a PR open goal that had been presented to them, “distanced themselves” from these comments, but they did at least blow open a story that has felt likely to emerge since the new generation of football club owners first started to kick the tyres of the...

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