Day: September 30, 2011

Mungo S04E02

This month’s visit to Primrose Hill Ramblers finds Mungo in his traditional ebullient early-season form, with innumerable negative consequences for everyone around him. Meanwhile the Ramblers manager Arnaud Finger further expands on his footballing philosophy and all marvel at how over-rated thought can sometimes prove. David Squires drew this all as it happened, like a courtroom artist. Click for bigger You can visit David Squires’ site here. We advise that you do. You can follow David on Twitter here, and Twohundredpercent...

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Shadows On The Wall: Whyte Wants Out of Scotland

Making a reference to Greek philosophy when discussing Glasgow Rangers probably sounds far too distorted to be credible. It likely is, but it was difficult not to consider Plato’s Allegory of the Cave when hearing owner Craig Whyte talk of reviving the Atlantic League idea¬†or somehow getting Rangers accepted into the English league system. Much like the prisoners in that cave who had been chained there since birth, restricted from movement, Whyte seemed to paint Rangers as unfortunate heavyweights tied down to a league incapable of furthering the club’s ambitions or fattening its wallets. Instead, those shadows on the wall–Rangers playing their way into the lucrative English Premier League or the unfettered freedom from creating a league with other top European sides–looks much more appealing to Whyte than the tangible reality of playing Kilmarnock on a Tuesday. Of course, as Socrates continues in the lesson, it is supposed that one of the prisoners is released from the cave, but upon seeing the actual objects that have been casting those shadows on the wall of the cave all that time, the prisoner has no idea what they are. Were Whyte to earn Rangers release from the shackles of the Scottish Premier League, he might be struck dumb and want to return to the cave to stare at the shadows a bit more in depth. In regards to Rangers somehow gaining...

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