Day: September 17, 2011

Match Of The Week: Blackburn Rovers 4-3 Arsenal

For the second time this season, the heavens opened on a Saturday lunchtime for Arsenal in more senses than one today, and this time around they contrived to be more defensively profligate than on the previous occasion, last month against Liverpool. For all the hysteria in the immediate aftermath of that match, it was plausible to chalk down that loss as having had a element of the freak about it. An own goal and a second on the break with only seconds left to play gave Arsenal’s supporters something to cling to and, while the thrashing at the hands of Manchester United managed to speak for itself, results since then – a scrambled and slightly fortuitous win against Swansea City followed by an honorable draw at Dortmund in the Champions League – offered a fig leaf of respectability to a season that has has largely, thus far, been one of massive disappointment. Today, though, the fig leaf was washed away in the Lancashire rain. Prior to kick-off, it was the supporters of Blackburn Rovers that were actively demonstrating, calling for the head of their most peculiar choice of manager, Steve Kean. They may even reflect this evening that their team didn’t even play particularly brilliantly this afternoon – rather, they took advantage of the chances that they had, showed a little character in overturning a two goal deficit and...

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Yesterday In Plymouth… Nearly There?

Yesterday in Plymouth, ‘Cornish-based property developer’ Kevin Heaney appeared to finally disappear from contention as the part-saviour of the Argyle Football Club, as he should have done months ago in Plymouth. And, it would seem, ‘Devon-based entrepreneur’ James Brent appeared to finally re-appear as the preferred bidder for the club, as he should have been months ago in Plymouth. There remains plenty of material with which cynics can work. However, there are genuine, if currently intangible, signs that Plymouth Argyle are closer to exiting administration with all creditors (needy and greedy) satisfied; not least, it surprises me to admit, in the attitude of the most important individual in this whole saga, Peter Ridsdale. Yesterday in Plymouth, everyone had a statement to make – Brent, Plymouth City Council leader Vivien Pengelly (an Argyle season-ticket holder) and ‘the club’ – i.e. Ridsdale. Everyone, that is, except the administrators, the P & A Partnership. It was no surprise that we heard nothing direct from lead administrator Brendan Guilfoyle, as his visibility and audibility have, probably by no co-incidence whatsoever, been in direct proportion to Heaney’s chances of completing the takeover.  But P & A Partnership themselves have had a busy week. A veritable rogues gallery of seemingly serial football club bidders and business characters of varying degrees of shade have queued up to “hold talks” with the Yorkshire-based insolvency practitioners, in the...

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