Day: September 12, 2011

Ormondroyd’s Virtual Match Reports…. Now In High Definition!

In the late nineties, Fulham supporter Ormondroyd started following his exploits around the country by producing an illustrated match report for each game. As Fulham were at the lower reaches of the Football League at the time, his accurate depictions of Northampton’s Sixfields Stadium, and Notts County defender Matt Redmile may have been lost on the world at large – however, he was soon spotted by the Guardian and started producing a weekly strip on the football world in general. ¬†The last of those strips appeared in 2003. Now it is 2011, the world has changed, football has moved...

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Going To The Well: A Unique Opportunity At Motherwell FC

Reformulated from an old African proverb, the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” speaks to the community effort required in providing a young person with the best chance of success. Coincidentally, football supporters in England and Scotland can identify with this sentiment. As television booms have busted with chairmen counting on money that never came, or financial schemes that failed to produce the desired results on the pitch and in the bank, fans from many walks of life have huddled together under their respective banners over the past decade to pick up the shattered pieces to raise clubs up again, the right way. This is currently being demonstrated by the new campaign to reunite fans for salvaging Plymouth Argyle, and perhaps the model for the success of endeavours such as Supporters Direct is on display at Liberty Stadium in Swansea. Once previously at the foot of league football for a spell, the Jacks and their¬†Swansea City Supporters Trust–which controls nearly a 20% interest in the Welsh side–now find themselves in the same league as sheikhs from Abu Dhabi, a Russian billionaire, and American owners both reviled and accepted. So, naturally, it would fall to a club from the land of clans to add a new twist to this concept. This past week, news came that Motherwell FC’s departing chairperson John Boyle will be donating his shares–which...

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