Day: September 9, 2011

Garry Cook Either Falls Or Is Pushed Onto His Own Sword

Farewell then, Garry Cook, whose resignation from his job came after a investigation carried out by Manchester City’s owners revealed that “there is foundation to Dr Onuoha’s allegations”, or, in other words, that not only did Cook send an email mocking the condition of Dr Anthonia Onuoha, the mother of and agent to one of the club’s squad players, Nedum Onuoha, but also that he lied in public about having sent this email. His disrespect, it could be argued, wasn’t just aimed at Dr Onuoha last year, but was also at his employers and at the supporters of the club itself. Considering the findings of the club’s internal investigation, resignation was his only option. What may now remain to be seen will be the question of how long Cook has to lay low before another club gives him an opportunity. Considerable embarrassment has been caused to Manchester City Football Club by the allegations made, all the more so because they were centred around its Chief Executive. Cook has had a reputation within the game for someone with a loose mouth for some time – consider, for example, his idea of having a “central entity” of fourteen elite clubs with no promotion and relegation in the Premier League. The Times picked up on this in 2008, and one quotation taken from this article says a lot about the modern culture of the Premier League as...

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Yesterday In Plymouth: Heaney’s ‘Last’ Hurrah?

Yesterday in Plymouth, ‘Cornish-based property developer’ Kevin Heaney appeared to have a bluff called, ‘Devon- based entrepreneur’ James Brent appeared to be a favourite once again to buy Argyle Football Club, and the Football League, on whose board most attention focused yesterday, confirmed that they were “unable to consider a transfer of the club’s share in The Football League to the proposed purchaser at this point in time”, but that “Discussions with the administrator and proposed purchaser will continue.” Argyle’s administrators, the P & A Partnership (P&A), issued a statement at five o’clock yesterday afternoon which implied that long-term ‘preferred bidders’ for Argyle, Bishop International Limited (BIL), were no longer anything of the kind. Sales of fine tooth-combs in Devon utility stores will have soared, however, after P&A’s last statement, on twenty-sixth of August, which implied that BIL had stumped up the cash to complete their complex and controversial deal to buy Argyle, when they… hadn’t.  Heaney has been a daily news event in Plymouth this week, blaming everyone but himself for the fact that the deal had not been done. First it was the Football League, for waiting until yesterday’s board meeting before even considering making a decision. Then it was the administrators who, Heaney suggested in a statement which will have had breakfast cereals spat out on kitchen or dining-room tables all over Devon, that “there seems to be an...

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