Day: September 5, 2011

Garry Cook & Manchester City: More Questions Than Answers

Part of the problem with a twenty-four hour rolling news culture is that the need for instantaneous news, justice and retribution becomes like a drug. The story of Garry Cook’s email account has already buzzed around the world and it seems that most people have already made up their minds before Manchester City Football Club has even had the chance to finalise its investigation into what has been going on with regard to some insulting emails that were sent – whether accidentally or deliberately, whether by Cook himself or by someone that had hacked his email account – to Dr Anthonia Onuoha, the mother and agent of Nedum Onuoha, a Manchester City squad player, mocking Dr Onuoha’s battle with cancer. There are – and of this there can be no little doubt – a number of different strands to this story, none of which make a great deal of sense. If the email was sent almost a year ago, why has it taken until now for it to become public? There appears to be no debate over the fact that this particular email was sent from Cook’s email account, but if someone was out to discredit him – and, as the Chief Executive of a Premier League football club, there can be little question that there would be plenty of people that could seek to do this – who, specifically would want...

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Mungo S04E01

Some of you may have been worried about the fate of Mungo McCrackas, currently the world’s third-best Scottish football player. You’ll be pleased to hear that he rides again thanks to the dazzling pen wrangler David Squires. It’s Mungo’s first day at Premier League newcomers Primrose Hill Ramblers and that means meeting the press. But will they be as impressed as they should with English football’s biggest ever summer signing? Click for bigger There’ll be more from Mungo every month. A warm welcome to Twohundredpercent to David Squires. You can visit his site here and follow him on Twitter...

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A Song For All Fans

Perhaps best left in the hands of pop culture or professional music critics rather than some stodgy old football blog, it still bears mentioning that today would have been Farrokh Bulsara’s 65th birthday. Or course, we knew him better as Freddie Mercury, the original front man for Queen, who died from complications due to HIV/AIDS in 1991. While originally from Zanzibar, Mercury’s family moved to West London in the early 1960s, where he attended school, worked odd jobs, and played in several groups before joining up with Roger Taylor and Brian May in 1970 to form what would become one of Britain’s most exportable bands. Along the way, Mercury wrote what morphed into one of the more popular anthems played in sports stadiums with “We Are the Champions.” The song itself is an odd combination of soft ivory tinkling by Mercury mixed in with the crash of guitar and drums, which complements the transitions made from verses speaking to having sand kicked in one’s face to the brash statement that we still came out on top. While originally thought to be the band’s lyrical snub to music critics of the time, who might have considered Queen’s music lacking in any real contribution being made to the rock genre  when compared to the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, Mercury appears to have defined his inspiration in writing the song during...

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