Day: August 31, 2011

Just Another Ordinary Week In Wrexham

As ever, it was down to the supporters of the club to get to what looks like somewhere near the bottom of what has been going on. It was probably too much to hope that, after a unanimous vote at their SGM last week, the Wrexham Supporters Trust would merely be allowed to get on with the job of completing their due diligence and purchasing Wrexham Football Club, but the way in which the story has continued to expand out over the last six days is enough to start to cast doubt over whether several of the key players in this ridiculously distended story – and not, as we will make clear, players from the side of the trust organisation itself – have an agenda which is intent on torpedoing the bid for their own ends. The story’s new direction began at the end of last week with a leaked email. The email was sent from one member of the WST board – Rob Parry – to another. Or, at least, that was the intention. The email, which stated that “I suspect we should expect DS [manager Dean Saunders] to resign or threaten… the team’s form isn’t our ally here!!!” (possibly in relation to the possibility of budget cuts at some point in the future when the WST takes over the running of the club or because Saunders is understood...

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Scotland’s Non-League Clubs Given a Non-Chance

With this week’s focus properly set to the non-league game, it seems appropriate to also delve into Scottish non-league football. Perhaps unfairly at times, the Scottish game generates comparisons in several footballing matters to that of the game conducted in England. It must be said, though, that often those comparisons originate from the nation’s own prominent football authorities, with success or failure being approximated in English measurements. From its top flight split with the Football League to the money–or lack thereof in the case of Scotland–generated from its television revenues, player transfers, etc., there will apparently never be a moment when the Scots do not look south and gauge themselves against representative sides of the Auld Enemy. Regarding treatment of Scottish non-league football, though, there exists a recommendation to imitate but as of yet a desire to bring about such emulation, causing further stagnation at the lower levels of the Football League. Recommendations from the McLeish Report sparked ample discussion going back to its release in December, but most of the axes grinded pertained to the top flight and Football League in general. Mention the number ten or the word “colt” and expect a furious debate these days. Beneath these hot topics, though, lies the further call for Scotland to create a pyramid system wherein non-league clubs have a more regular path to gain entry into the Football League....

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