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Day: August 24, 2011

“My Favourite Match”: A Cry For Help

I have been watching football for thirty-two years, now. It seems scarcely credible, but it is a fact nevertheless. Like most of you, I have seen hundreds – possibly thousands  – of matches, but there is one that sticks out in my mind as my favourite, and I know that you almost certainly have one too. So, here is the idea: a series of paeans to our favourite matches, written by all of us. They don’t have to have been the most exciting matches of all time  – in fact, they don’t necessarily have to have been exciting at all. All we’re looking for is a tribute to your favourite match, and your reasons for it being your match are entirely yours. If you’re interested in contributing, leave us a comment in the comments below this post so that I can contact you, or alternatively drop us an email via the Contact page, which is at the top of the site, and we’ll make it happen. If someone else has already bagged your favourite match – this will have to be done on a first come, first served basis, obviously – we’ll let you know.  A word of warning, though: I’m reserving the 1984 European Championship Semi-Final between France and Portugal for myself. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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On The Subject Of Deadlines… A Big Week For Wrexham & Plymouth Argyle

Two clubs are facing deadlines in the near future after months of insecurity, but while Wrexham now seem likely to be headed towards a brighter future, Plymouth Argyle supporters are probably at the point now of not believing anyone until the take-over of their club is ratified by the Football League. Ian King will be looking at Wrexham’s day of destiny, but first here’s Mark Murphy on the continuing uncertainty at Home Park. The – Increasingly Frequent – Plymouth Argyle Update   If Peter Ridsdale is to be believed – and who could ever doubt him – yesterday in Plymouth was the first day of “absolutely the biggest week in the history of (Plymouth Argyle).” And, in the sense that it could be the last week in the history of the club, Argyle acting chairman and prospective football club owner Ridsdale was – for once – right.  After weeks and months of meaningless deadlines, there is a strong sense among Argyle fans, officials, takeover protagonists and observers that this is, in fact, it; that this coming Friday August 26th is a proper deadline. Cross it and Argyle could be shot. There remain two discrete obstacles in the way of the takeover. Nothing major, mind. Just the legality of the Bishop International Limited (BIL) purchase of Argyle’s ground and surrounding land assets; and the legal issues – football and general –...

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Rangers Under New Management But With An Old Problem

When your club is the league champion, it seems everyone wants to take you down. Titles often come with that rather annoying Bulls Eye that the manager can never remove from his club’s back until they are no longer champions or he is no longer the manager. For Rangers, of course, it matters not who the manager is nor how long it has been since a title had last been won. Along with Celtic, Rangers’ prolonged dominance over Scottish football lends itself to the club often being a focal point for myriad parties surrounding the game to target, for good or bad. From the media that cover them in greater detail than most of the other Premier League clubs, fans in Ibrox and elsewhere that celebrate every goal or bemoan any mistake, other sides that save their best matches for them, to that other Glasgow club aware of their every move and keeping pace, Gers are unlikely to cease being a polestar for the league anytime in the near future. And considering a star was one of the club’s early shirt crests, they are probably just fine with it being that way sometimes. In many ways, though, Rangers might be wishing this season was one in which fewer would have paid attention to what they were doing, as they are a club in transition both in the dugout and in...

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The Poyet Effect

For all the talk of which player will be going where as the transfer window creaks to a close, there can be little question that, for all the attention lavished upon player transfers, it is the appointment of a new manager that can truly be the existence-changing moment in the entire history of a football club. Consider, for example, the cases of Brian Clough at either Derby County or Nottingham Forest, Bill Shankly at Liverpool or Matt Busby at Manchester United. These cases, of course are the absolute zenith of this theory. They are men that reshaped our understanding of the clubs with which they became involved. The appointment of a new manager doesn’t, however, have to be an existence-altering event to have the most profound of effects upon a club, as Brighton & Hove Albion supporters have found over course of the year and nine months since the appointment of one Gustavo Augusto Poyet Dominguez as the manager of their club. Sometimes, all it requires is for those running a football club to think, as it were, outside of the box for a while. Brighton & Hove Albion’s previous two managers, Mickey Adams and Russell Slade, were both stalwarts of the middle rankings of the Football League. The Football League is stuffed with managers like Adams and Slade, who flit from club to club, never really finding earth-shattering...

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