Day: August 16, 2011

Further Uncertainty At Northwich Victoria

There is, perhaps, no other non-league club that sums up the cycle of perpetual crisis in which so many smaller football clubs find themselves than Northwich Victoria, and there can seldom be a day that goes by during which supporters of the seemingly perpetually beleagured Northern Premier League club don’t curse the decision to leave their historic home, The Drill Field, for The Victoria Stadium. If such a thing exists, though, the curse of The Victoria Stadium has now struck again with the news that Northwich have had to call off their match this evening in the Northern Premier League against Kendal Town and that the club has now been charged by the league with failing to fulfil a fixture, a sanction which we can expect will bring a points deduction and a financial penalty of some description. Northwich have spent two periods in administration during the last seven years. The first, in 2004, saw them deducted ten points whilst playing in the Blue Square Premier and, while the team managed to haul itself just above the relegation places, it was subsequently relegated after FA deadlines over the transfer of their Conference membership to the club’s new owners were not met. The club managed to get back into the BSP but it was put up for sale in 2007 and was purchased by a consortium led by Jim Rushe. The Victoria...

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A Polaroid Moment in the Scottish Premier League

Photographs capture specific moments in time, with the more iconic ones representing certain splendors or symbolizing tumultuous events. The New York Times Square photo of an American sailor sealing victory with a kiss stands out as one of joy at the end of major hostilities following World War II. South Vietnamese General Nguyen Ngoc Loan firing his pistol and executing a Vietcong operative in close range of a photographer’s lens endures to remind us of just how close the horrors of war could be while still being thousands of miles away. Images of the mangled remains of Princess Diana’s limousine inform us on the tragic pitfalls of a modern public life and how quickly we lose something so dear. The same can be found in football. Bobby Moore sitting on the shoulders of his teammates as he lifts the 1966 World Cup trophy aloft in triumph has to be one of English football’s most iconic national images. US women’s player Brandi Chastain stripping to her sports bra and falling to her knees celebrating the winning penalty kick for the 1999 Women’s World Cup embodies the unexpected boldness that can be seen–as many discovered this summer–in today’s women’s game. John Terry’s tears in the rain upon missing his penalty in the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final suggest even tough guys can get a tad weepy. Either that, or it teaches us that...

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Guernsey FC Starts Its Life In The Combined Counties League

A new club has started this season, playing in the Combined Counties League in front of four-figure crowds. Andy Ollerenshaw and David Bauckham found themselves on the mother of all away trips, to see Guernsey FC’s first ever league match. Saturday 6th August 2011 is a date that will forever grace the history books and non-league football records. At the Garenne Stadium on Footes Lane in Guernsey, newly formed Guernsey FC played their inaugural competitive league match, the first time a team from the Channel Islands has played in the English football league pyramid. Guernsey’s opponents for their opening Combined Counties League Division One fixture were Knaphill. The match drew much attention from local press and even some national interest. The majority of the coverage, however, concentrated primarily on Guernsey’s historic day and their ‘comfortable’ 5-0 victory, but the story is more than that alone. A Guernsey FA representative ‘national’ team has competed for the Muratti Vase, a tri-team competition alongside Alderney and Jersey, since 1905 and also enters the biennial Island Games. With little more than irregular knockout matches on offer, Guernsey Football Club was founded in 2011 to provide the island’s best footballers with an opportunity to play regular competitive football outside the Channel Islands. In November 2010 Guernsey first approached the Combined Counties League (CCL) with a proposal to join their Division One which operates at...

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