Day: August 10, 2011

Wrexham’s Extraordinary Day

It certainly went to the wire, of that much we can be certain. In fact, it could even be said that it went into extra-time. Eventually, however, the immediate future of Wrexham Football Club was secured by the only people in this particular story that have given every impression of being completely trustworthy from the very start – the fans themselves. This act of saving the club, though, required a level of fund-raising which proved beyond any reasonable doubt that if this club is to have anything like a prosperous future, it must come from those that banded together, cajoled and donated in order raise an extraordinary amount of money in an even more extraordinary amount of time to save it in its absolute hour of need. Following the scheduled meeting of the Football Conference last Thursday, it quickly became apparent that the league itself was far from satisfied with the assurances given by those currently running the club, and the league demanded a that a bond or bank guarantee of £250,000 be lodged with them by the end of the following money. No formal sanction for failing to do so was announced at the time, but it was widely believed that the club would be prevented from starting the season if it was not done. It was a harsh adjudication – draconian, some might say – but the...

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The Twohundredpercent Pre-Season Previews: Wolverhampton Wanderers

Time can be a great healer. A decade ago, Wolverhampton Wanderers continued to labour under the moniker of being “sleeping giants”. It was a nickname that contrasted strongly with what looked at the time like a near-pathological inability to scrap its way into the Premier League and an albatross around the necks of players charged with living up to these expectations. Over the last ten years or so, though, the monkey on the clubs back has started to work itself loose and Wolves feels like a very different club to that of ten years ago. The club finally made the Premier League in 2003, but this was one season stay wsd a brief one illuminated only by a surprise win against Manchester United. Their current stay in the top division, however, is about to start its third consecutive season and, with the club in one of the healthiest positions in which it has found itself for years, the question for Wolves supporters is perhaps that of whether the club now spend a more comfortable season in the Premier League which doesn’t require – as last season did – a late goal at the end of the final match in order to assure survival. Last season was too close for comfort, and it seems impossible to believe that the clubs owner, Steve Morgan hasn’t recognised and acted upon this over...

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