Day: July 11, 2011

Back From The Brink? Almondsbury Town Live On, For Now

In the same week that Gloucestershire FA Chairman Roger Burden was elected Vice-Chair of the national FA, there was another bit of good news from his ‘patch.’ Almondsbury Town FC will continue, albeit a number of leagues below the league they ended last season in. Back in April I wrote about how the Almonds, a club with more than 100 years of history, were evicted from their home at Oaklands Park by none other than, the Gloucestershire FA. So this week’s news that the team, the first from Bristol to ever play at Wembley, will continue is a welcome reprieve, even though the team’s new league is the Bristol Suburban League Premier Division as opposed to the Southern League Division One South & West and their new first team is actually last year’s reserves because all the first team from last year have already left. Still, they are continuing, at least for the time being. The team will call Scott Park, in nearby Patchway, ‘home’ – it used to be used by Patchway FC Thirds before they disbanded – it’s not in Almonsbury, it’s not got a clubhouse and it doesn’t belong to them, but it’s a ground. Beleaguered chairman Bob Jenkins told the Gloucestershire Gazette that the club’s future was far from safe. “The committee is going to carry on as best we can. “With no facility at...

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New Players – Yet Again – In The Battle For Wrexham

Well, no-one ever said it was going to be easy, but the last time we reported upon the goings-on at Wrexham Football Club there was cautious cause for optimism that the issues relating to the survival of the club might be finally starting to reach a happy conclusion. With the pantomime-like array of alternative bidders having drifted away – Stephanie Booth, of whom regular readers of this site will already be fully aware, had several of her hotels placed into administration, leading to seventy redundancies – the way seemed clear for the Wrexham Supporters Trust to affect a take-over of the club. Wrexham Football Club, however, wouldn’t be Wrexham Football Club if there wasn’t a hidden trap somewhere along the line, and the cryptic events of the last few days would appear to have thrown yet another spanner into these particular works. The take-over of the club could not be completed until vigorous due diligence had been carried out upon the club’s finances, of course. The club’s precarious financial position had been thrown into a very harsh light by the events surrounding their involvement in the end of season play-offs, when they were threatened with exclusion if an outstanding bill to the taxman wasn’t paid on time, and it made perfect sense that the WST’s checking of the club’s current financial situation would need to be carried out with...

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Video Of The Week: Greatest Goals Of The World Cup 1954-1978

This years Womens World Cup has caused one or two people to comment on the nature of the sixteen team tournament. The WWC is set to be expanded to twenty-four nations for the next competition in Canada in four years time, but this years competition has been taut and exciting – all killer, as some might say, and no filler. With this in mind, our Monday video timewaster (and who doesn’t need a timewaster on a Monday morning?) brings you the best goals from the day when the World Cup was played out between just sixteen nations, between 1954 and 1978. Our thanks go to the original uploader of this article and don’t forget that if you happen to be reading this on a mobile device, you can switch to our desktop view by clicking the link at the very bottom of this page.                   Follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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