Day: July 7, 2011

The 2011 Womens World Cup: Game Three Round-Up

So, having toyed with resembling England’s men in 2006 and 2010, Hope Powell’s England finally plumped for Bobby Robson’s 1986-vintage, coming (very) good in their last group game after early stutters. Of course, they also resembled England’s women from 2007 which, against Japan, was just the right example to follow. And this time they picked up the win they’d deserved in China four years ago, winning the group and possibly avoiding the fate of Robson’s and Powell’s previous sides – plucky quarter-final defeat to a tournament favourite. Ellen White’s stunning opening goal was so stunning that commentators couldn’t make up their minds whether her exquisite lob was from 30 yards (Eurosport) or 20 yards (BBC), even though a handily-placed ‘D’ on the edge of the penalty area suggested you could split the difference. White’s brilliance overshadowed Rachel Yankey’s fine second goal, which was a shame for the veteran, who had struggled in this competition. But England were good and strong all-round, if not quite up with the top favourites, as Martin Keown was in danger of suggesting. That said, there have been more surprising winners of international tournaments than England would be this time.  USA still have the look of champions, although their collective, ahem, ‘self-belief’ gives them that look all the time. They will face Brazil in the stand-out looking quarter-final with revenge for 2007 in mind. Then,...

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The Noose Tightens Around Rushden

There was always something faintly ridiculous about the decision of Rushden & Diamonds FC try and appeal against their expulsion from the Football Conference. Leagues have their rules and, if clubs don’t abide by them, they are likely to run into problems and, whilst the Conference has got many things wrong in recent years, one thing that they have managed to get a proper hold of has been the seemingly perpetual financial shenanigans going on at several of their clubs. There were, of course, rumours that Rushden would somehow manage to pull off some sort of result from the appeal, but with the club’s financial position remaining as dismal as at any point over the last few months and the supporters that were battling to raise funds to save the club having already decided that a new club would be a better use of their time, there was little reasonable prospect of any appeal being successful. The next step in the process was utterly predictable. With the club no longer in the Blue Square Premier, Rushden & Diamonds were placed into administration by one of its creditors. This seemed like news to the club’s Chief Executive, Steve Beasant, who subsequently stated that, “The club will be placed into receivership via Nene Park owners, based upon their powers under historic legal charges over the club”. Perhaps this was a verbal...

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Thursday picture: Puzzle Time!

With the good name of British journalism currently hanging in the balance, by which I mean “everyone is realising that it’s as wantonly venal as we always suspected”, Twohundredpercent leaps to its aid with its inaugural – and probably last – Puzzle Page. Can you match the intercepted telephone statement to the player? You can win a prize!* Dotmund, professional idiot, is our man with the plan. Should anyone hack his phone on the back of this they’ll discover 2 text messages and £7.54 PAYG credit. CLICKORAMA: Dotmund’s gallery Dotmund’s Twitter Twohundredpercent’s Twitter * There is no prize. Repeat:...

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