Day: June 28, 2011

The Continuing Take-Over Woes Of Plymouth Argyle

One takeover has happened. One is due to happen by the end of the month. One is on-and-on-going. And one might not now happen at all. But however far down the takeover line Plymouth Argyle, Stockport County and Port Vale are – and even Rangers, who have nominally crossed it – none will be able to file their 2011/12 preparations under ‘ideal.’ Later this week, we’ll be looking at how the moral high ground is proving so elusive to all sides in the Port Vale affair. Next week, we’ll be looking at “Scottish entrepreneur” Craig Whyte’s hotly-contested Rangers takeover (more hotly-contested than the SPL title, some Rangers fans might think) and this June’s potential Stockport County takeover, after last June’s takeover failed to halt the Hatters slide into non-league football. But first, Mark Murphy has episode 95 – or is it 96? – of Plymouth’s saga. Plymouth has proved something of a “told you so” for some of us, as Peter Ridsdale appears on the brink of taking over the club, if not the ground or the adjoining land, which will remain in the hands of the “preferred bidder” for Argyle who are… erm… well, not even the administrator who “preferred” them seems to know, even though his latest target date for a sale is July 4th. And if you are wondering how the “lead” administrator, Brendan Guilfoyle of...

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The Heart of the Rant

Often, when bold remarks from an organization become public, they answer more questions than they raise. When a statement comes across as the one released by Scottish Premier League club Heart of Midlothian over the weekend, including references to blackmail, the mafia, and paedophiles, one must query not only just what exactly that statement is speaking to but also the wisdom of presenting such an announcement as an official club statement. Initially considered to have been posted either on a false website or else a cruel joke on the part of a hacker, time demonstrated that Hearts’ statement blaming sports agents, the SFA, the media, and criminal elements, among others, for their problems was indeed what the club intended to release on its official website for the world to know. Here is the statement in all its bewildering glory, unchanged from its release date of 24/6/11. While many of us continue to digest this and attempt to divine meaning behind it, one question must be considered paramount to the remaining ones. Who’s the staff worker unfortunately charged with having had to put that on the site, after turning to majority owner Vladimir Romanov and asking, “Are you sure you want me to post this?” Because that or some other type of similar scenario surely happened at some point, given the rather odd and rambling statement that was published on Friday...

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