Day: June 14, 2011

The 2011 Women’s World Cup: Group B Preview

It’s now less than two weeks until the 2011 Women’s World Cup starts in Germany, and over the next couple of weeks and tonight we are taking the time to bring you a quick run-down of the teams that are taking part in another of the groups of this year’s competition. Last night, we took a look at Group A, and tonight it’s time to dip a toe into Group B, which features two teams on the rise and two of the tournament outsiders. Oh, and one of those four is the nation that the “football community” loves to hate at the moment: England. Japan (Tournament Odds – 14/1): This year’s Women’s World Cup is an opportunity for Japan to prove themselves. In terms of the history of this tournament they are ever-presents, but they have only got past the group stages of the competition once, in 1995 when a single win against Sweden was enough to get them through the quarter-finals. This year, though, things should be different. Rated fourth in the world by FIFA, Japan are a team on the rise. They were edged out of a bronze medal by Germany at the 2008 Olympic Games, and last year finished in third place in the AFC Women’s Asian Cup, as well winning the gold medal at the Asian Games and the EAFF Women’s Football Championship. It’s this...

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Those We Have Lost: Redheugh Park, Gateshead

We have another splendid article on a lost football ground for you this morning on Twohundredpercent, and we are pleased to be able to thank Paul Eke, who has some recollections of Redheugh Park, the former home of Gateshead Football Club. I was coming up on two years old when Gateshead Football Club failed in their bid for re-election to the Football League Division Four in the summer of 1960. It was only the second time they had needed to apply, but, amid rumours of various kinds of skulduggery, out they went. The fuss passed me by I’m afraid, I was too busy tending to my herd of imaginary pigs at the bottom of the garden (I had a vivid imagination as a child). By then the club had been at their Redheugh Park home for thirty years, and they managed to hang on there for a further eleven, but with the benefit of hindsight the move toward leaving began there for Gateshead FC. In 1962 my parents moved to the Gateshead suburb of Low Fell, and by the mid-60’s I was a confirmed football fan. I’m sure England’s 1966 World Cup win fuelled the general mood of football fever, and it certainly spurred me on to pester my Dad to take me to experience ‘live’ football. This was done but in a very controlled way, so my early...

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