Day: June 8, 2011

Port Vale’s Harsh Lesson In Realpolitik

“Even if the voting is clear on June 1st, Port Vale’s future remains anything but”, was where we left Vale’s ownership soap opera last month. But the voting on June 1st – at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of Vale shareholders – was as clear as a very foggy day in Fogsville. And even FIFA’s Sepp Blatter, machinating furiously at the same time, might have glanced at the goings-on in Burslem and thought: “Blimey, that’s a bit much”. For six months, Vale’s board has been fighting what it views as a hostile takeover bid from local businessman and erstwhile Channel 4 ‘Secret Millionaire’ Mo Chaudry. Few non-board members felt any hostility to Chaudry’s offer to buy a controlling 51% stake with investment as vital at Vale as anywhere in the Football League’s cash-strapped lower divisions. Despite this, as reported previously, the battle got nasty and complex. But thanks to a level-headed approach from supporters group the ‘North London Valiants'(NLV), all issues were set for resolution at the EGM, which would vote out the board and clear a regulatory path for Chaudry’s takeover. Or so we thought. Unfortunately, the GM proved all-too ‘E.’ And the club is now struggling to staff a board to prepare for the new season. The EGM has now been filed in the “seemed like a good idea at the time” column. Many educated observers (and...

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Doing It For A Good Cause – 08/06/2011

From now on, we will be trying to give a little room to charities, volunteer organisations and others that need your help in some way or another that are related to football and are worthy of your attention. If you have anything that you feel we would be interested in, drop us a line via the Contact page and we will do our best to help to publicise your cause or project. This week, we kick off with three that have been drawn to our attention over the last couple of weeks or so. This evening, here some details of how you can help two charities that are using football as a power for good, and assist an art student whilst drinking a truck-load of beer. The See The Difference Keep Your Balls Up Campaign: Stop sniggering at the back. See The Difference is an organisation which connects people directly to charity projects that they can assist with. These campaigns run independently of each other, and one of the campaigns currently running involves raising £500 to put on a Street League day in London. These days allow young offenders, drug users and NEETs lives (that’s people not in education, employment or training) to meet up and play football, but they simultaneously offer a far more valuable service – offering them exercise, the chance to build their self-confidence and the opportunity...

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Those We Have Lost: Huish, Yeovil Town

As you can see, I have taken the opportunity to give this place a lick of paint ahead of some changes that we are planning to make for the start of the new season. Hopefully everything should work properly – feel free to let me know if you come across any glaring errors! This morning, meanwhile, we are returning to the subject of the lost football grounds of Britain, and we are indebted to Martin Baker from Ciderspace for this article on the subject of Yeovil Town’s former home, Huish. Before Yeovil Town moved to their current edge-of-town stadium at Huish Park in 1990, they occupied a town centre ground simply called Huish. This wasn’t the club’s original setting, but it was the location where the majority of their football had been played – spending 70 years there, whilst their reputation and standing in non-league football grew, largely thanks to their giantkilling exploits. The name of the ground was borrowed from the name of a suburb in the town – you’ll find numerous parts of Somerset carry the Huish (or similar) monicker, which in Old English referred to a group of houses, or a household. The land was originally owned by the Brutton’s Brewery, and on August 28th 1920, the new stadium was opened by their Reserve side, who played Christchurch in a Dorset League match. At that time,...

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