Day: June 7, 2011

In Search Of Non-League Videos

Self-produced videos, as featured here during the regular season, have become part and parcel of the way that many smaller clubs can market themselves to a wider audience. The brains behind Non-League Day, Mike Bayly, brings us up to date with this thoroughly modern phenomenon. Growing up a non-league fan in the 1980s and 1990s, you were as likely to see your club’s highlights on terrestrial TV as you were George Best advertising mineral water. Save the odd cup run or crunch promotion match,  footage was only committed to black and white photo or the vagaries of selective memory. Inevitably, the tidal wave of hyperbole engulfing post SkySports fin de siècle football meant the non-league game was unwittingly swept along in its path. The new millennium, entrenched in the notion that satellite TV and football could only be a winning combination, bought us live Conference football, an otherwise anathematic concept just a decade earlier. Unfortunately, though the idea was fundamentally flawed. For a start, scheduling matches on a Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon may have seemed erudite, but the blanket coverage of football available on other satellite channelswas always going to provide stiff competition. Secondly, in a country fabled for its drinking culture, the lower leagues will always be hard pushed to compete against the elixir ofalcohol and the whiff of promiscuity. Aside from the die-hards who were unable to...

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The Importance Of Retaining The Football Creditors Rule

With the club season completed with Swansea City’s victory in the Championship Play-Off final, and only a handful of European Championship qualifiers to go on the continent this evening, the focus for football over the next few weeks will be off the pitch. And, while the majority of news may come from the fallout of the FA v FIFA crisis, as well as the comings and goings of the transfer market, the most important fixtures of the next month will not be anything to do with Sepp Blatter, nor will they be the European Under 21 Championships or any of the opening games in the Women’s World Cup – in fact, these fixtures may not get any sort of coverage whatsoever, and certainly will not be televised. That is because the most important fixtures in June will be the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of the various football authorities. The reason that the AGMs of the football authorities are so crucial this season, is because of HM Revenue & Custom’s (HMRC) challenge of the Football Creditors Rule in the High court in November. Should HMRC be successful, then the transfer system within England becomes fragile in a way that could affect any club. My club. Your club. Clubs that have always had to sell players to pay their bills – and have always paid their bills – in order to...

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