Day: June 4, 2011

Match Of The Week: England 2-2 Switzerland

If we suspend reality and assume the opinion that England playing Switzerland at Wembley this afternoon, just a few days after arguably their heaviest ever defeat in Zurich, was not mere serendipity at play, then somebody at UEFA is either unusually prescient or is the owner of the world’s only fully functioning crystal ball, as well as being the holder of a very keen sense of humour. If the nonsense in Zurich this week had any upside at all for football in England this week, it was that the politicking took the spotlight away from the team itself, meaning that their preparations for this afternoon’s match were put firmly in the shade. The England players could have been forgiven for believing that the plethora of cup finals and play-off matches over the last few weeks were the signal to the end of the season, but it is this weekend’s round of European Championship qualifiers that are the real signal for the end of the club season. England, of course, haven’t improved since the World Cup finals. They shone, briefly, at the very end of the summer – including a solid win in Switzerland – but their performances against Montenegro, France and Ghana were, broadly speaking, turgid, and it feels as if this is the wrong match at the wrong time for the team. Wembley can be a claustrophobic place...

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Those We Have Lost: Southbury Road, Enfield

For many, many years, there were effectively no new football grounds built in Britain. Over the last quarter of a century, though dozens upon dozens of clubs have bulldozed their ancestral homes and moved on to pastures new. This summer, we hope to run a series of  articles on the subject of Britain’s lost football grounds, and we’re starting this off with a repost from 2009 on the subject of Southbury Road, the late, lamented home of Enfield Football Club. If you are interested in getting involved in this little series, feel free to drop us a line through the Contact box at the top of this page. During the summer of 2007, I decided, apropos nothing, to take a day out to revisit some of the haunts of my childhood. I took the train out of London from Liverpool Street railway station and spent a pleasant couple of hours wandering through Lower and Upper Edmonton. My train journey ended at Bush Hill Park station. I walked the length of St Marks Road, a road which seemed so impossibly long when I was nine years old but now takes barely five minutes to cover, across Main Avenue, a road that four generations of my family grew up in the sight of, through the estate that I lived in for five years and which replaced the rows of terraces that...

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