Day: June 2, 2011

A Welcome Return To Ian Ridley

We wrote on the subject of the light at the end of the tunnel at St Albans City, now of the Southern League, at the end of last week, and are pleased to be able to update those that had not been paying too much attention over the last few weeks. The club, which has had the smell of dry rot hanging around it for the last couple of seasons, was bought out by local businessmen two weeks ago and they had already announced that they were looking for a new chairman. Well, earlier this week they confirmed that they had found one, and it means a very welcome return to Clarence Park for Ian Ridley. Ridley will be well-known to some of you as a senior football writer with thirty years of experience in the national press, and a well-publicised spell as the chairman of Weymouth FC a decade or so ago. Mistakes were made there, but Ridley was candid enough to own up to them in his outstanding book, “Floodlit Dreams”, which was one of the most illuminating books about non-league football of the last decade or so. He also returned to Weymouth as chairman there and had a spell as a director at St Albans City under its previous ownership before leaving in 2006. His experience will be a valuable asset to a club that has...

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One (Almost) Short Message

Quiet, isn’t it? In years ending in an odd number, the Euro-centric football enthusiast’s calendar suddenly opens out before them like the savannah plains. The 2011 Women’s World and the European Under-21 Championships sit before us like twin oases and the press will continue to feed the constant thirst with a drip of transfer stories, many of which will come to nothing and many more of which will not become truth until the last possible moment before a ball is kicked in anger again. Pre-season friendlies, the summer methadone for the addicted supporter, will come and go, matches that serveĀ a purpose for the clubs themselves but which, devoid as they are of broader context, will mean little to all but those of us that have been breaking out into sweats on account of our cold turkey. There are other bright spots that are worthy of a mention this summer. The Supporters Direct Conference is in July, and this is followed by the annual Supporters Direct Cup match, this year to be played between Chester and FC United of Manchester. It will also be worth commemorating an anniversary that will go uncelebrated elsewhere, but which has had ramifications across the whole of British football – the tenth anniversary of the birth of Enfield Town FC. Meanwhile, there is other football going on elsewhere for those that wish to seek it...

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Stanley Matthews: World Saviour

It’s a question we at Twohundredpercent barely ever ask because it’s demonstrably so stupid, but – can football save the world? Although it’s not the sort of question we’d ask, it is now sadly the sort of question we have nevertheless answered, as Dotmund presents this sub-Boy’s Own adventure starring one of the world’s most legendary players. Click for bigger You can find Dotmund’s gallery here, or follow him on Twitter here. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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