Day: May 26, 2011

Robins Gamble on a Dux

When last we left Swindon Town, the Robins were putting the finishing touches on a lamentable 2010/11 campaign that saw them relegated from League One and undergoing the process of disassembly. Beneficent chairperson Andrew Fitton chose to step down after having cleaned up Swindon’s financial flubs from the past but exhausted after a long and disappointing season which was to have seen the Robins challenge for Championship promotion rather than battling the drop. Subsquently, Fitton’s partner and interim chair Jeremy Wray swiftly sacked interim manager Paul Hart with only two matches remaining despite Town’s relegation already having been confirmed and a glance at the remaining names of the club’s officials were mostly followed by the tag (interim). While the Robins stirred from a seemingly eternal funk to record only their third victory of the calendar year on the final day, it mainly served as a highlight for youth coach Paul Bodin’s résumé. If Wray was seeking to maintain interest in Swindon Town lest they be forgotten in League Two for the 2011/12 season, he has certainly now piqued the curiosity of the casual football fan by appointing Paolo Di Canio as the new manager. When Wray held the press conference announcing Di Canio’s arrival, he began by saying, “It’s nice to see our three regulars here, and welcome to the rest of you” as nearly seventy members of the national press were on hand in addition to the local set covering for the home papers. This will...

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Peter Ridsdale Reluctantly Takes Over At Plymouth

This is not a transaction that I sought or contemplated but, if it is the only route to guarantee a future for Plymouth Argyle Football Club, it is a route that I am prepared to take. After seven months of claiming that he was a mere consultant to Plymouth Argyle Football Club, of claiming that he was talking to (you guessed it) anonymous wealthy businessmen that were interested in pouring money into a League One (now League Two) club, then, a property company has been announced as the preferred bidder for the assets of the administration-struck Plymouth Argyle and that they, of all of the 6.2 billion people on this planet that they could have considered in such circumstances, have given the opportunity and, by all accounts, the funding to Peter Ridsdale to take over the football aspect of the business on their behalf. In January of 2010, on this very site, Mark Murphy wrote that, “Ridsdale had, of course, personified everything that was wrong with the football boom which straddled the millennia on the back of various club share flotations and exponentially increasing broadcast deals”. This is a man whose previous involvement at three different clubs – Leeds United, Barnsley and Cardiff City – saw all three clubs tottering on the brink of insolvency (although, in the interests of fairness, there have been plenty that have said that...

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Thursday Picture: Manchester United’s Old Guard

It’s been an unusual season, but one which nevertheless has had a familiar outcome. Manchester United continue to sweep all before them in the English game, and no referee or journalist seems able to stop them. Ahead of their European Cup Final on Saturday – their third, lest we forget, in the last four years – Dotmund has been profiling some of their veteran stars. We are sorry. He is not. You can follow Dotmund on Twitter here, and Twohundredpercent...

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