Day: May 13, 2011

Great Expectations And The FA Cup

Either Stoke City or Manchester City will win their first trophy since the 1970s tomorrow afternoon, but Mark Brophy wonders whether the glowing feeling that comes with it may turn out to be more fleeting than they might hope.   The FA Cup Final this weekend will, unusually, be contested by two teams for whom fans under the age of forty will struggle to remember their last trophy win, in both cases a League Cup victory. Those fans of Manchester City and Stoke are most likely building themselves up into an excitable state right now in anticipation of the probable ecstasy of that long-awaited major trophy. But it’s difficult to guess how you’d feel in the event of undeniable success when that is something you’ve never experienced. The reaction to victory might turn out to be a massive anti-climax. Certainly by viewing the reactions of fans of clubs used to success, it would appear to be a case of diminishing returns. I recall watching a Newcastle pub full of student Manchester United fans celebrate clinching their first title for twenty-six years in 1993. Their joy knew no bounds that night. Almost twenty years of continuous success later, I get the feeling that celebrating cup wins and titles has become very routine for the red half of Manchester. It’s not just them. Chelsea and Arsenal have had lengthy stretches of success during...

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Friday Picture: I Got Stripes

Tomorrow, as you probably know, is the FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Stoke City. Editorial discretion prevents Dotmund from saying who he will be supporting. However, historical facts are indiscreet things indeed and as your correspondent has discovered, the shirt on your back may prove to be the very thing keeping you from your ambitions. Click for bigger There’s more of Dotmund‘s art here. Twitter-wise, you can follow Twohundredpercent here. Don’t follow Dotmund though; he is an...

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