Day: May 4, 2011

Procrastinating Over The QPR Affair Has Done The FA No Favours

By the end of this week, we will know what – if any – sanction has been levelled against Queens Park Rangers with regard to the Alejandro Faurlin affair. The club itself (and by this we mean the senior management and/or the owners of the club) will get whatever it deserves, should it be found to be guilty. This, however, is not  the place to discuss what sanctions may or may not be levelled against the club just yet. It’s a subject that we can return to at a more appropriate time. It is also worth remembering that, although many different people have made claims stating that they can look into a crystal ball and predict exactly what will happen at the end of this week, no-one knows at present and those that run our game can be somewhat flighty in their decisions. Queens Park Rangers could be deducted fifteen points. They could merely receive a fine. All stops between these two extremities are possible, if not likely. Certain sections of media have already pronounced the club guilty of the charges brought by the FA and, while it is fair to say that there is a certain degree of presumption going on here, not many people or organisations that are charged by the FA are completely exonerated of said charges. These particular rules, however, have not been tested before...

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Twas ploughish, and the slimy dons Did wyre and wimble in the blarn: All milty were the braggados, And the melts raths garn. “Beware the Jabberwomble, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Franchise phoenix, and shun The fluidous Snatcherblatch!” With the Conference National playoff between Fleetwood Town and AFC Wimbledon set to begin at Highbury this week, so continues the slightly obtuse journeys of two clubs seeking entry into the Football League for the first time. Now, while it might seem incredibly odd to consider a club with the name Wimbledon has never before played in league football, we are all well-versed in what became of the Old Centrals. So, while AFC Wimbledon supporters assert the current club traces its roots back to the club founded in 1899, that ten year gap between being initial members of the Premiership to joining the Combined Counties League on the club’s honours page suggests to the uninitiated that there was indeed some kind of restart along the way. In the case of Fleetwood Town, the Lancastrian side has never stepped foot over the non-league line in any of its reincarnations, as no other club of Trawlermen have even gotten this far up the pyramid to date. Stretching back to 1908, the likes of Fleetwood FC and the original Fleetwood Town FC to today’s current club previously known under the guises of...

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