Day: March 30, 2011

Further Farce At Wrexham

All of quiet on the Western front at the moment. Since we last reported on the subject of Wrexham, things have been comparatively quiet. This, however, is “quiet” by the standards of Wrexham AFC, and this means that, by the standards of most over clubs, it has continued to be a busy time of statement, counter-statement, accusation and counter-accusation. At this stage, we wouldn’t expect anything less and the future of the club remains completely in the dark, and it is starting to feel as if the club’s owners are likely to frustrate any sale of the club until it knows whether it has been promoted into the Football League at the end of the season. Two weeks ago, the Wrexham Supporters Trust laid out their plans for the club, even though their meeting was somewhat troubled by the fact that they were unable to answer every question that they were being asked. To the extent that they could answer the questions that they were being thrown at them from the floor, though, it seems that they made a reasonable job of stating their position. Unfortunately, though, their continuing lack of access to the clubs’ books means that they are still unable to exactly clarify exactly what form their bid for the club will take. If only such discretion was possible from Stephanie Booth. Booth has, in spite of...

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Condescending Upon Ghana And Supporting England

Mark Critchley watched the friendly match between England and Ghana last night. Here they are. Our boys. No, not them I mean… Fine, alright then, not our boys – our ‘other’ boys, the ones playing against our ‘real’ boys. Yes of course it’s ok to support both. It’s the twenty-first century for fuck’s sake, everybody rutted each other at Woodstock and now we’re all friends. Stop talking about chains. Remember Ghana? Colours; choruses; that odd little dance of Asamoah Gyan’s he uses in order to talk to the animals or something? Why of course you do. They were cute. Theirs were the shoulders upon which ‘the hopes of a continent’ rested just last summer. In a mass as diverse as a scattered plethora of Pic’n’Mix, one billion people Africa-wide rallied behind one relatively unrepresentative national team, don’t you know? That’s a fact. It just is. And why wouldn’t they? Ghana are great. What’s more, they’re English. Except obviously, they’re not. It’s just that having been knocked out on penalties, dealt an extra cold fizzog clout of sporting injustice and then found worthy of a Daily Mail crypto-fascist polemic, they bloody should be. Yeah, let’s have a word with them about that. For now though, I guess we’ll make do with Marcel Desailly (I like the parts where he celebrates a goal). Oh, and an international friendly… Defiantly acting with...

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