Day: March 25, 2011

Cafe Calcio On Twohundredpercent: Football Art Masterclass 8 Situationalism

This evening’s Cafe Calcio on London’s Resonance FM will be looking at the culture of football in the capital. You don’t have to live there to be able to listen to and enjoy it, though. The show is on at 9.00 this evening and is repeated at 11.00 tomorrow morning, with a podcast version available during the week. You can listen to it by clicking here. A small band of avante-garde artists and intellectuals who sought to fuse poetry and music and transform the urban landscape founded the magazine ‘Situationiste Internationale’ in 1957. At first, they were principally concerned with the “suppression of art”, to supersede the categorization of art and culture as separate activities and to transform them into part of everyday life. From 1962, the Situationists increasingly applied their critique not only in culture but to all aspects of capitalist society when Guy Debord emerged as the most important figure. They believed that the revolutionary movement in advanced capitalist countries should be led by an “enlarged proletariat” which would include the majority of waged laborers but that the “spectacle” of such societies kept their proletariats dazzled by increasingly sophisticated modes of communication, consumption and entertainment. This spectacle of seeming connectivity and commercially led expression trapped the workers into collusion in their own imprisonment. It was the job of the situationalists to break through this barrier of false...

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The Friday Essay: Crows

With the game up in arms about what John Terry did with his pants off several years ago and how this affects his ability to play Association Football, you’d probably be expecting a bitingly topical Friday Essay. And you won’t be disappointed*, as Dotmund looks at that perennial hot potato: crows. If you’re looking at this on the mobile version of the site, by the way, you might wish to click on the ‘View Desktop Version’, at the foot of the page. * you actually will be disappointed. Click for full-size Twitter ahoy: you can follow Dotmund and Twohundredpercent, for more of the things they do but in 140-character...

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The Odd Contradiction Of The England Captaincy

There is a sense of foreboding in the air in England, ahead of Saturday’s European Championship qualifying match against Wales in Cardiff. It’s not a sense of fear – the players, at the very least, carry too much arrogance for fear to be a major factor where the English national football team is concerned – but there is a sense, almost intangible, that something still isn’t right in the England squad. After a dismal World Cup in South Africa last year, the team had a reasonably solid start to their qualifying campaign with wins against Switzerland and Bulgaria, but the fragility of rebuilding confidence amongst the media and supporters was perhaps best demonstrated by the response to a torpid draw against Montenegro and a friendly home defeat by France. To an extent, this is a no-win fixture for Fabio Capello. It’s difficult to build a case on form that Wales can or will beat England, but an undeniable feeling continues to hang in the air. There was no grand clear-out after the World Cup finals – there is too much of a paucity of talent amongst English players for that ever to have been a serious consideration for Capello – and most of the familiar faces, whether they are on the downward spiral of their careers or not, are still present and correct. There is still something missing at...

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