Day: March 10, 2011

Wrexham FC: Familiar Faces And Even More Familiar Divisions

It was recently noted by some wise soul that if the recent tribulations of Wrexham FC were to be suggested as the plot for a soap opera, they would be rejected as being too far-fetched. Any lingering doubts that these particular truths are stranger than fiction have been swept from the mind over the last seven days in a tumultuous week that has seen two of the bids for the club – apparently – fall by the wayside, two new ones appear and some of the old faces that we mentioned on this site just a couple of weeks ago re-enter the fray. Meanwhile, Wrexham’s supporters can now only wait and watch to see where the ownership of their club. After the events of last weekend, it all seemed cut and dried. Prior to last Saturday’s match against Forest Green Rovers, Booth’s status as the preferred bidder was confirmed in a somewhat ridiculous ceremony on the centre circle before kick-off. Surrounded by cheerleaders, a stapled envelope was opened and Booth read out her own apparent succession to the throne before closing with a rendition of the Welsh National Anthem, “Land Of My Fathers”. The whole “ceremony” can be seen here: What, though, was the substance of her bid? Answers to this, of sorts, came in the form of this leaflet, handed out at the ground on Saturday. It makes...

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Celtic & Rangers: Old Firm, Old Enmity, New Century

Imagine different circumstances surrounding Manchester United’s defeat at Liverpool last Sunday. Leave aside Jamie Carragher’s nasty tackle on Nani, Nani’s ability to race to the referee before collapsing in an injured heap and the glorious sight, which may stay with me forever, of referee Phil Dowd, arms folded, watching from a distance like a disapproving dinner lady on playground duty at a primary school as players from both sides got their handbags out.  Imagine instead, that United had three players sent off and nine booked. Imagine Nani crossing three-parts of the Anfield pitch to the Liverpool bench to confront Kenny Dalglish et al after the first dismissal. Make Carragher’s tackle a genuine yellow card offence, rather than the red card offence it was and have Sammy Lee pointing an accusing finger at Paul Scholes as the team’s entered the tunnel at half-time. Then imagine Wayne Rooney, already booked for raking his studs down the back of Dirk Kuyt’s leg with the ball elsewhere, sliding in on Luis Suarez in the last minute and dumping him into some pitch-side photographers before joining two-thirds of his colleagues in buffeting Dowd and attempting to snatch the yellow card from Dowd’s hand. Move on to the final whistle and imagine United’s players are into Dowd again, jostling him and threatening him, with Ryan Giggs sent off for his part. Then imagine Giggs walking...

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Mungo S03E30

Mungo time again. This week sees Heart of Clachmaninshire’s various warring factions put aside their differences in the blithe hope that their support will save their club from almost getting relegated again. But even two celebrity guest stars seem unable to break the Clackins Park hoodoo. Dotmund, idiot that he is, drew this. Click for full-size Twitter us up: following Dotmund and Twohundredpercent increases sperm motility in 35% of mice (under laboratory...

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