Day: March 3, 2011

The Finance And The Fury: A Lesson From Australia

With non-league finances in a troubled state, is it time the FA looked at how things are run Down Under? Earlier this week BBC Five Live ran a programme about non-league finances. Ok I know some of us have been banging on about the topic for ages but still, the figures from Dr John Beech’s study of two decades of data are pretty startling. But what is even more startling than Dr Beech’s statistic that 68 non-league clubs have suffered some sort of ‘insolvency event’ in the past 20 years is the reaction from the FA. David Newton, the Head of Integrity thinks it’s an over-reaction. “It’s not necessarily demonstrative of a major issue,” he told the BBC. Wow. Let’s consider for a moment the Blue Square North last season. This competitive league, the second step of non-league had no relegations last season, no club relegated into the league or out of the league due to various clubs either folding (Farsley Celtic), being kicked out for financial reasons (Northwich) or dropping out of the league above (Grays, Chester, Salisbury.) How can a league function in a competitive manner when you have that many teams facing uncertain futures? For a team in the bottom half of the table why bother trying if you aren’t going to get relegated? It’s not even a matter of waiting for the AGM cup anymore....

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Mungo S03E29

Revolution is in the air, and the spirit of 1968 has also reached the normally sedate surroundings of Clachmaninshire. But can people power bring down a corrupt regime before the Clackers’ inevitable final fixture brush with relegation? Can people power achieve anything at all? Find out by following Dotmund and Twohundredpercent on Twitter. Click for...

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