Day: February 23, 2011

Poles Apart Yet Fans United: Plymouth Argyle And Brighton & Hove Albion Recall Old Bonds

As Brighton & Hove Albion and Plymouth Argyle took the pitch for their League One match last night, the immediate prognosis for the two clubs couldn’t have looked more different. While Plymouth have just been deducted ten points (which has sent them plummetting to the bottom of the table) and are set to enter into administration unless they can find a new buyer in the next couple of weeks, Brighton are sitting pretty at the top of the table and are set to move into their 22,000 capacity new stadium at Falmer during the summer. On the pitch the two clubs’ differing fortunes were concisely played out as Albion won by four goals to nil, but the match was particularly notable as being an opportunity to thank one particular Plymouth supporter for a suggestion which inspired a very unique protest when it was Brighton that were the club in a state of crisis. The asset-stripping of Brighton & Hove Albion during the mid-1990s was one of English football’s most shaming episodes of the decades. As David Bellotti and Bill Archer systematically ran the club into the ground and evicted it from The Goldstone Ground, the authorities stood idly by. Supporters of other clubs, however, were appalled by what was going on at Brighton and this was articulated by one Richard Vaughan, a fourteen year-old supporter of Plymouth Argyle, on...

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Plymouth Argyle: The Song Remains The Same

It has taken until nearly March, but the first ten point deduction of the season in the Football League is now finally upon us with the news that Plymouth Argyle have lodged a “notice of intention” to enter into administration. The notice of intention – the date of which, the 21st of February, is no coincidence considering that another tax bill fell due yesterday – is a technicality that allows a company protection on a short-term basis from legal action taken by their creditors, but the deduction has been applied by the Football League regardless of this. The club now has ten working days to secure its sale and could request a ten working day extension on top of this. If it fails to manage this, the administrator, Brendan Guilfoyle – who managed to keep Crystal Palace afloat last season – will have to raise the capital to keep the club afloat until the end of the season. Whether he will be able to do this or not is anybody’s guess. Peter Ridsdale, the “mastermind” behind Argyle since the end of last year, insists that there are three groups interested in buying the club for the low, low price of £1. Ridsdale also claims to be involved in discussions with “a wealthy businessman” – as ever, these days, no-one seems to consider revealing the identity of these people, as...

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