Day: February 17, 2011

Money, Money, Money: FTA Television And The Cost Of The Champions League Final

It hasn’t been a very good couple of weeks for those that would seek to make us pay through the nose to watch football on the television. The Karen Murphy court case, which was heard at the European Court of Justice a couple of weeks ago, blew away the idea that pubs should be tied into Sky’s packages if they can buy cheaper elsewhere (at least until the next round of television contracts, when it is expected that they will sold Europe-wide) and today the European Union stood in defence of consumers again with the rejection of a claim by FIFA and UEFA that they should be able to sell off the rights to some matches within tournaments. The broadcasting laws of both Britain and Belgium make provision for “crown jewels”, by which we mean that some tournaments can be set aside to be shown on free-to-air (FTA) television. FIFA and UEFA wanted the right to be able to siphon of some matches from major tournaments to be able to sell to purely the highest bidder, but the EU has decreed that it is perfectly acceptable for tournament to be classified as a single event, and their reasoning for this makes for interesting reading: It cannot be specified in advance – at the time when the national lists are drawn up or broadcasting rights acquired – which matches will...

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Mungo S03E27

Mungo day rolls around once again. We are sorry. Dotmund, however, remains defiantly unapologetic. Click for...

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The Terror Of The Terras: Yes, It’s Back To Weymouth Again!

On Saturday, Weymouth beat Salisbury City by two goals to nil in the Zamaretto League Premier Division. It was a significant moment for the Terras. Having started the season under a ten point deduction for entering into administration towards the end of last season, they had spent the whole of this season rooted to the bottom of the table but this win – their third in the last four matches – lifted them out of the relegation places for the first time this season. Yet at Weymouth, as at so many other clubs at the moment, on the pitch events are taking a back seat to what is going on behind the scenes. Once again, Weymouth FC is in trouble. Weymouth’s status as an apparently perpetual crisis club goes back to 2007 and the sudden decision of hotelier Martyn Harrison to put the entire team – which was then riding comparatively high in the Blue Square Premier – up for sale. The various twists and turns of politicking that they have undergone since then could fill a library, but probably key points to remember are former chairman Malcolm Curtis, who transferred land the club owned surrounding its Wessex (now Bob Lucas – it was renamed in July 2010 for a deceased former chairman) Stadium into his own name and the arrival at the club of George Rolls in November...

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