Day: February 14, 2011

The Seven Ages Of Fan, Part Two: Childhood

As some of you will already be aware, for the next few weeks Monday night will be literature night here on Twohundredpercent. We are delighted to welcome back Football Hobo’s Alan Smithy back to our pages this evening for the second act of his seven part epic which traces the life of the football supporter in relation to the celebrated monologue from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” that is best known as “The Seven Ages Of Man”, or “All The World’s A Stage”. This evening: Childhood. The crafted intrigue and wealthy families of some of Shakespeare’s most famous works wouldn’t look out of place in the modern day football landscape. He couldn’t possibly have foreseen a world of leveraged buyouts, after all he was very much of the opinion that one should neither a borrower nor a lender be, yet there’s still something rotten with the state of the game. All that glistens isn’t the Premier League trophy, after all. Yep, the Bard was well ahead of his time as far as football is concerned. I reckon he could’ve cranked out some cracking footballing plays if he were around today, but perhaps he was more prescient about football than we give him credit for. If you take one of his most famous soliloquys, look at it from a funny angle, you might find that it was written about us...

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Puppets On A String: The Wrexham Board Responds

It has been another eventful week at Wrexham, as the fog that had shrouded the attempt to take over the club by Van Morton Investments began to lift, while a bizarre and faintly ridiculous statement from Wrexham FC appeared on the club’s website last Friday. Through fifteen seperate points, the club’s owners (or someone speaking for them) managed to dismantle whatever was left of any credibility that they had amongst the club’s support. The full list is here but, in amongst the usual guff about “people doing due diligence on a business would wish to remain anonymous”, there were some statements that raised the eyebrows, to say the least. 7. The Club was offered for sale to the WST for £1 with an option to buy the ground, a preliminary meeting took place but there has been no further response. The Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) has already issued a furious denial of this allegation, stating that they have made several attempts to meet with the owners of the club which have not been responded to and that, furthermore, that the club has reneged on an agreement to “agreed to share the clubs financial information with our advisors”. One side of this particular tête á tête is lying. We know which we believe. 8. We consider that some statements made on behalf of the WST regarding current issues to be...

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