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Day: February 11, 2011

Twohundredpercent On Resonance FM This Evening

I’m not sure exactly how this will pan out, but I will be appearing this evening on the Resonance FM football show Cafe Calcio this evening, discussing – I think – the current state of the football, cough, “blogosphere”, alongside Ben Shave from the redoubtable In Bed With Maradona. If you happen to live in London, you can catch the programme on 104.4fm or, if you don’t live in London, you can listen to it by clicking here. On the off-chance that you have something better to do on a Friday evening (and I find this very difficult to believe), it is repeated over the weekend (check the website for details) and there is a podcast version of the show that you can access from here during the week. So, tune in and find out exactly why it has been said that I have a face best suited to radio and a voice best suited to silent films. Follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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Six Of The Best: Football Commentators, Part One

It often seems as if football commentators are more divisive that than they perhaps they should be. We, as supporters, allow our hackles to rise whenever they open their mouths, yet what they do is extraordinarily difficult. Perhaps the point is that they make it look easy, leading us to believe that it is easy. With this in mind, coupled with the fact that it’s Friday afternoon, we felt that it was time to bring together six of the best (it was going to be a top ten, but this had to be reined in somewhere along the line) for some tiny degree of commendation for their achievements in bringing a little colour and embellishment to our game. First of all, though, a quick mention for the four that would have made this list up to a top ten had time not been such a pressing issue today. Jon Champion is the only truly modern commentator that made the cut. He is now mostly to be heard in Britain on ESPN (although he does still occasionally pitch up on ITV), and his commentary on FC United of Manchester’s run to the Second Round of this year’s FA Cup betrayed a job brilliantly researched – far better than anyone might even have expected – and a genuine sense of astonishment at what was an extraordinary story. John Motson is in...

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Friday portrait: A player who definitely exists

For reasons too wretchedly convoluted to go into here, the normally sane Brighton-supporting Dotmund has come to regard Manchester City as something of a second team. Consequently, Manchester derby day gets him all excited, like a guinea pig after a can of Red Bull. To celebrate, he’s painted a picture of a player who definitely exists. Definitely. Click for...

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We Watch Them So You Don’t Have To. The Worst Football Films Of All Time, Part 3: Goal!3

Just as football has its Big Book of Clich├ęs (it’s stored, so the legend goes, under the bed of Andy Townsend), so does the cinema and there are none more damning for a film than to go “straight to video” or “straight to DVD”. There are many reasons why the producers of a film may seek not to release a film in theatres and choose instead to just release them on DVD, but there is a reason for the derogatory connotations that the phrase carries, and this is that many of them are downright bloody dreadful. All of this brings us to “Goal! 3: Taking On The World”, the third part of a trilogy of films that attempted, yet again, to fuse together the twin cash cows of football and the cinema – with predictably underwhelming results. The previous two “Goal!” films had been imbued, at least, with some sense of importance. Officially licensed by FIFA, with the heavyweight corporate backing of Adidas behind them (which explained the assistance of Newcastle United and Real Madrid in their making), they were lightweight but almost watchable – childrens films in adults clothing that hinted at what may or may not be the real lives of professional footballers but covered it in such a thick layer of gloss that it was all but invisible. With the third part of the trilogy, however,...

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