Day: February 8, 2011

Unregistered Company Withdraws From Buying Wrexham

Truth can be stranger than fiction, and the news today that Van Morton Investments Ltd have decided not to take up the chance to buy Wrexham Football Club may be, in football terms at least, the definitive proof of this. As regular readers of this site will remember, the organisation that had agreed the purchase of Wrexham from Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts – who are already well advanced in the process of separating the club from its home since 1872 – hadn’t actually been registered at Companies House last week. This means that we have seen over the last couple weeks the disbelief-suspending spectacle of a company that doesn’t even exist withdrawing from the race to buy a football club. What the outside world is supposed to think of this decision was made perfectly clear from the words of the club’s official statement on the subject. The three men named as having been behind the bid have all been granted official positions within the club – Tony Allan as the Chief Executive, with Robert Bickerton and Jon Harris in roles as yet undisclosed by the club itself – and the claim made within the statement are that they ended their interest on account of, “negative and adverse publicity that they have witnessed”. Meanwhile, the directors of the club added that “they are aware of the abuse and threats...

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The Seven Ages Of Fan: Part One, The Infant

For the next few weeks, Monday night will be literature night here on Twohundredpercent. We are delighted to welcome Football Hobo’s Alan Smithy back to our pages this evening for the first act, if you will, of a seven part epic that he written for us which traces the life of the football supporter in relation to the celebrated monologue from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” that is best known as “The Seven Ages Of Man”, or “All The World’s A Stage”. The twisted lives and fickle fate of some of Shakespeare’s greatest characters wouldn’t look out of place alongside the modern day football fan – whether ’tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous refereeing decisions or better to sleep, perchance to dream of a good cup run, and all that. Yep, old William was well ahead of his time as far as football fans are concerned. I reckon that, had he been around today, Shakespeare could have knocked out a belting play about football fans. Perhaps, though, he was more prescient about football than he is given credit for. If you take one of his most famous soliloquys, tilt your head sidewards at it and squint ever so slightly, you might find that it was written about us fans all along. I’m referring, of course, to Jaques in Act II, Scene VII of As You...

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